Wednesday, August 17, 2011


With the kids being in school now, I've had a lot of quietness saturate my days.  It's really been lovely.  I'll admit, having the daytime with just Kimble and an empty house has been just what I needed. I feel that I'm not a very patient mom unless I build up a reserve.  Now, school days are my reserve.  Kimble and I get things done around the house in the morning.  We play together and watch Backyardigans together.  He vrooms his cars around downstairs as I sew things to sell at the local Farmer's Market.  Then, he has lunch and takes a nap and I have a completely quiet house for almost three hours.  I feel spoiled.

While doing my morning cleaning, I found a shirt in Georgie's Kennedy's drawer that use to be Kamy's.  In fact, Kamy wore it on the first day of first grade.  Here's a picture of that day. Kamy and Keaton were walking to the bus stop, so excited to go to school together.  I loved that moment in time.  I can't believe how big my kids are getting now. 

Kamy is becoming a young lady, so tall and lean and poised and so eager to learn new things.  Keaton is almost 10 now and although he's always been thoughtful and sensitive, he seems to be more in focus lately, like he's beginning to understand who he is now.

Kolby was doing really well all summer, with his attitude and focus, but since school has started, he seems to have reverted back to his old ways of throwing fits and lying about doing his work and getting frustrated way too quickly.  I'm sad to see this happen.  It seems we might have to try some medication afterall.  He had one month of it during the summer, and when discussing how it made him feel, he said he felt more focused and willing.  Other's noticed a difference in his attitude as well.  So we'll try it for another month and see if it helps him in these new challenges that school and schedules bring.

Kennedy is very happy about school.  She is eager to get things ready the night before by laying out her clothes and picking up her room.  She loves to walk to school with the boys and gives her teacher hugs every day.  I'm so happy that she is happy.

I mentioned before that I'm selling stuff at my local Farmer's Market.  It's been going...ok.  We have made a little bit of money every time, but it hasn't drawn the crowds like I thought it would.  Last night, a gusty wind storm plowed through our area, that had everyone holding down their tent canopies.  Unfortunately, the canopy  we had borrowed from a friend completely collapsed on me and broke to pieces.  I'm unsure if it can be salvaged.  After dismantling all the pieces and putting all the set-up stuff in the van, I was left with a few hours before the market closed.  As a rule, if you set up a booth, you stay 'til the end. So, I sat on my ice chest and had my basket of items sitting on the grass next to me.  Amidst the wind and the raindrops, I talked to passer-byers  and still solicited my items.  Some people came over and looked at my stuff, perhaps out of pity for me.  I ended up selling a few things.  People really like my headbands!  I have a new market to sell at this weekend, downtown, which is a bigger crowd-drawer. Hope to make some sells then.

Last week, after a big hefty rainstorm, all of us were in the van, driving to a Cardiac support group, when we came upon a rainbow.  However, the unique thing about that, was that we were right at the end of the rainbow.  It actually started on the pavement in front of us, and then lifted into the sky. It was so cool to see. I tried to take a picture of it, but unfortunately, it didn't come across in the picture.  The kids all looked for the pile of gold that is sure to be found at the end of the rainbow, but someone else must have beaten us to it.  Darn it.

Since the weather has been nice, The Husband has been biking to work almost daily.  Not only does it save us money on gas, but it gives him a good workout twice a day.  Plus, he looks like a hottie in his biking shorts!

I've been dying my hair for at least 8 years.  Persistent onset of early graying jumpstarted this routine.  Normally I stick to a color very close to my natural brown, with some auburn highlights. Last week, a very bad thing happened.  The box color wasn't what I anticipated, and I was left with a very coppery mahogany type of color. I hated it.  It just didn't match my coloring.

So what did I do? I went to the store and got some "de-color" thing that's supposed to remove the color that was just added.  Then I got another color that was supposed to be what my hair normally looks like.  After the "de-color" treatment, my hair was brighter orange than a carrot stick.  It was coppery and almost blonde in some parts and I was sickened that my hair would be completely damaged.  With caution, I went on to the next step and did the brown box color, hoping that it would mask the orange.  Well, it did, but only slightly.  I have an almost maroon haze to the brown, but it's much better than copper orange.  Now, to get some hot oil treatments.  All the dying has left my hair so dry and damaged. What a bummer.  The thing that started this was that the stores didn't have the kind I normally buy. I'll blame the stupid store, and hope they get it back in stock!

Look at Mr. Kimble!  He sure is enjoying his baths more. He likes to splash around now, play peek-a-boo with the shower curtain, and he'll even lay down on his tummy and play with his toys, while in the bath.  What a cute boy!!

Finally, I applied for two "creative writing" type jobs.  I would love it if I got one!!  We'll see.


courtney said...

I don't know why you don't like the color of your hair...well actually, I do, I am always shocked at first when I do a different color and it takes a few weeks for me to like it.

I hope you get the job too!

Maynards said...

Your headbands are adorable. I would buy one from you. Fun post.

Mags said...

Ahh, I am getting some gray and I am petrified of dying it. I think I just might go gray.

As for your farmer's market thing; I am glad you are out there doing it. I also wish you would put a tutorial on how to make those

Colleen said...

A good read! Thanks for the update, my friend. I like the color! And good luck on the job!