Thursday, August 11, 2011

School Bells Are Ringing!

Ah. The first day of school.  No matter how much you prepare, it still seems like the morning swarms around you like a rabid tornado.  "Go brush your teeth.  Well, brush again!  It's not good enough.  Where are your shoes?  We had them set aside last night with your clothes! Who didn't change their underwear?  Keep the bathroom door closed!  No, you cannot watch tv.  Where is your backpack?"

School starts earlier this year, than it did last year.  My elementary-age kids have to be out the door at 7:05am and Kamy leaves at 7:20 (she is a big Middle-Schooler now!) so we have the makings for an early start around here.  Even with having the kids set out their clothes and do their chores the night before, there is still a lot of chaos going on, most of it a result of not listening to me the first time I say something.

The kids were all excited for school to begin.  Last night, they met their  teachers and got to know where eachother's classrooms were.  Kennedy, most especially, was excited to see her classroom and discover her name already printed on a cubby hole.  It was so hard not to tell her teacher that her name was Georgie.  As it turned out, Kennedy walked right up to her teacher, shook her hand, and said "My name is Kennedy!"

Unfortunately, Kennedy doesn't start school today, with the other kids. She gets to go into class later today, to have more of an orientation, but doesn't officially start until Monday. Although I prepared her for this, she was still sad when the other kids went to school, and she had to stay home. To make up for it, I'm painting her nails a pretty color later today.

I hope it's a great year for them.  Horray for the first day of school!!


courtney said...

Wow, and I though Jared and my kids started early, with school starting next week, but you guys are really early!

I hope hte kids have a great year! I am excited to hear about Kennedy's school adventures.

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

I am thinking the same thing as Corks, I kept reading this thinking that you were posting this way too early, and that you were just excited for the kids to start school and was showing off their cuteness. But I was wrong. Yay for school starting. We dont start till September 7th or 6th. I really do not know. Haha. Hope it is a great year for the kids, love them so much.

Queen of Chaos said...

The summer went by fast! Cute pics of the schoolies. :)

Our kids start Tuesday, the 23rd. And like Kennedy, Tucker won't start with the others. The kindie teachers do an evaluation of each child the first week of school to determine which class they will be in.
We'll get a phone call when Tucker has his evaluation. He will be going in the class with kids who don't know their middle names! haha
Tucker thinks his full name is "Extra Tucker."
Oh, how I have failed him! LOL

Colleen said...

Happy first day of school! Poor Kennedy. I remember Josh was disappointed not to leave in the morning with his brothers last year because he was in PM Kindy, I can't imagine having to wait days! I LOVE Kamy's shirt. SO cute!