Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keaton's 10th!

Keaton's birthday was this week.  He is now officially a double-digiter.  It started the night before when we made cookies for his class at school.  Apparently he has been preparing his classmates for "my mom's famous chocolate chip cookies...which are the best you've ever had" and so we made them together, and I just hoped that they would live up to his hype!

The morning of his birthday, I sent him to school with 30 cookies to share, which everyone seemed to like (thank goodness).  We had spaghetti and meatballs for his birthday dinner, then came our family picture, which is tradition whenever we celebrate anyone's birthday.  First normal...then crazy.

After that, I realized that I didn't wrap any of Keaton's birthday gifts. So  I sent him on a scavenger  hunt, around the house, to find his three gifts (which apparently was the best part of his birthday, when I asked him later what his favorite was...).  He ended up with a basketball, a soccer ball, a birthstone necklace (which he's been asking for for months) and a pair of rollerblades so that he can race Kolby around the block.

Since we aren't cake people, he chose to have root beer floats for his birthday dessert. I shoved ten candles in the icecream, and Keaton loved how big the flames got.

Keaton is a very helpful and tender boy. He loves scouts, riding his bike, and helping others.  He has peaked his interest in reading lately, and thus he reads every night, in his bed, before he goes to sleep. He likes to watch "dino dan" on tv, rollerblade and bike around the neighborhood, and is intent on making sure that everyone at school has a friend to play with.  I love my sweet Keaton.  Happy 10th birthday!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


...I just joined Pinterest.  Why didn't I know about this before?
...Based on Kimble's latest obsession with "coloring", I have another lefty on my hands.  That makes 4 out of 5 children, in our household, that are lefties.  Which one is the odd man out? Take your guesses.

...I got more corduroy fabric to make more bibs.  I love my corduroy bibs (I have one posted on etsy, but will post more).

...Speaking of etsy, I got my first (3) sales this last week!  Hooray!

...Farmer's Markets are almost done for the season.  It was a lot of fun and am excited to do it again next year.

...At yesterday's market, outside a local elementary school, one boy bought one of my bowties.  Then, all his friends bought bowties.  I sold about 14 bowties, all to a group of 5th grade boys, who wore them proudly around their necks.  It was a sight to see.

...I love that Fall programming is in full swing on tv. Now, to get a minute to watch it all before it fills up my DVR!

...Kennedy wants to be called Georgie again. Even though I mostly still call her that, she wants to be known by Georgie at school, and when I told her she needed to be Kennedy, she started bawling.

...I really want to get back in full swing at the gym, but I just hate to leave Kimble so much.

...I listen to '80s music and Oldies music on my phone, via Pandora, when I'm sewing.

...I have lovely friends who are supporting me by buying my handmade items. It means the world to me.

...I feel like I can never keep up with laundry.

...We are going on a quick weekend trip, to New Mexico. Excited.

...Today was picture day, for my grade-school kids.

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's A Zoo!

Last week I had plans to take Mr. Kimble to the zoo. We were going to meet up with two additional friends (and their mommies) and have a fun morning before nap time. That morning, The Husband decided to take the day off work, and after discovering our plans for the day, he decided to join us, seeing as how he had never gone to our zoo before.

We enjoyed the giraffes, who seemed to scoff us once they discovered we had no tasty leaves for them to eat.

Kimble enjoyed riding on Simba the statue, after seeing the real Simba frolicking around in his/her habitat.  Then we took a stroll through Australia, where we couldn't find any wallabies to play with, but saw a little alligator going for a swim.

 This bear statue seemed a nice place to get a group picture.  Kimble was scared of him, and didn't want to pose for very long.

We saw big bears lounging in the sun, and Kimble was intrigued by all the fish swimming in the little bear lake.

I've never seen this Moose do anything but sleep.  This day was no exception.  It was a perfect day, afterall, to stroll around and sight see.  We may have to suggest this to Mr. Moose the next time we see him.

 Over at the primate habitat, we discovered that Kimble weighs the same as a black & white colobus (whatever that is).

Then The Husband couldn't help but frolic with the wildlife one last time, before we headed home for nap time.

I'm so glad Heath ended up coming with us.  He doesn't often get to spend so much (day) time with Kimble.  I think they both had a great time.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Water in the Window Well

A few weeks ago, we had a massive Wednesday night storm that didn't let up until the next day.  It was such a forceful rainstorm that caused flash floods throughout our area.  Right about dinner time, Kolby shouted to us in a panicked voice "There is water coming in our basement through the window!"  So we went downstairs and noticed that water had accumulated in one of the basement window wells, and was about 1/3 of the way up the window. 

The Husband immediately took the boys outside with him, in the torrential downpour, and plopped them down inside the window well.  Armed with pitchers, they started dumping the water out of the window well like you would if your canoe was capsizing.

As Kennedy and I were inside, soaking up the water with towels and trying to prevent more water from coming in, we watched Keaton and Kolby as they tried valiantly to dump out as much water as they could.  Keaton is just a little bit taller than Kolby, and he could barely get his pitcher of water up over the side of the window well.  Kolby, on the other hand, would scoop up a pitcher full of water, then try to throw it out over the side.  Most of the time, half the amount of water just fell back inside because he couldn't quite get it over.  It was actually funny to watch.  Amidst the worry of our basement flooding, I was actually laughing while watching the boys.

The Husband scraped enough dirt and rocks away from the side of the window well to prevent any more dumpage, and then he pulled the boys out and got in the well himself, where the made extremely good time getting the rest of the water out of the well. It was a sight to behold.

It was discovered that the water didn't overflow from the top, but rather through some busted seam along the inside of the window well.  We have plans to secure those leaks, and hopefully it won't happen again.

Unfortunately, we woke up the next morning to find another window well had overflowed as well, creating another saturated mess in the morning.  The joys of home ownership, eh?

As an interesting note, the first window well to overflow was the one that housed a black widow spider, which we morbidly watched day after day, as it grew bigger and bigger.  The skeleton of her dead lover stayed on display beside her web, as a trophy of her power.  After about a week, The Husband torched her with our BBQ lighter, and she was finally free to join her beloved, in the afterlife.  As the boys were knee-deep in water, emptying water from the well, I was happy to remember that the black widow spider was no longer extending her death bites to anyone/anything that crossed her path.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Light Saber Wars

Mr. Kimble LOVES to play with light sabers now.  He giggled and giggled when we were playing, and it was so fun to watch.  Missing socks....missing pants...blurry photos because he was moving so's all good.  We had a fun time together today.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mr. Kimble's Latest Accomplishments

My Mr. Kimble is growing so big and learning new things.  Here's a quick list of his latest accomplishments.

1.  Kimble isn't such a little baby anymore. He is getting  bigger (seemingly) every day.  I keep trimming his hair regularly, but you wouldn't know it. With half of his hair curly and the other half straight, it's hard to keep him looking nicely kept, but we are trying.  He has also matured so quickly that he is sporting a mustache now!

2.  Kimble must be looking at the developmental papers that I have to fill out for his regular checkups.  "Can your child make a stack of three blocks?"  Check.  Yes he can, although he prefers to stack cans from my  pantry.

3.  Kimble's list of words is growing.  He can say please (peeese), thank you (day-du), mamma, daddy, da-da, vroom, rharrr, tv (de-dah), choo choo, yum,whoa, wow, hi, uh-oh, cracker, bubble, up, I, you, yeah, and car.  He says thirsty, more, milk, and all done in sign language.  Oh, and he says "Cheese", as demonstrated in the picture.

4.  Kimble feeds himself when he's hungry.  His preferred snacks are graham crackers, apples, pretzels and dry cereal.

5.  Kimble likes to play with toys while bathing.  He loves the water babies that Kennedy left in the bath one night. 

6. Kimble puts himself to sleep.  Whether after his lunch, or  in his crib, he goes right to sleep. He loves his binkie, and  has started climbing INTO his crib so he can have it between sleeps.  He also likes to  carry around his soft blanket.  Kolby is the only other child of mine to get attached to a blanket (which he still keeps in his bed).  I think it's sweet, and definitely encourage it because his binkies are chewed down to almost nothing and he should  have something that soothes him.

Other accomplishments:  Kimble now walks down the stairs. Sometimes he'll still slide down on his belly, but that's for fun and not out of necessity.  Kimble can follow orders now, if I ask him to get his shoe or find his sippy cup or go sit down at the table.  He'll bring me the remote control, if his show is over and he wants to watch another one.  He is really learning and understanding well and although he is still behind with his speech, I think he'll catch up pretty quickly.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bad Hair?

Bad Hair Day at school.  An event deeply anticipated all week long.  Kennedy was so excited with the outcome.

By the time she came home from school, you would never had known it had been ratted.  It was long and straight and seemingly combed through.  Oh to have such hair recovery.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Kamy is participating in intramural volleyball for about  8 weeks (her very first official sport!).  Every day she has practice after school, and the bus brings her home at about 6:20.  It's a long day without my girl, and I miss her a lot!  I can't wait until the month is over and she gets to be home after school.

Last week, she had her first game.  Since The Husband was still at work, I loaded up all the kids and we went to watch her play.  Here she is, taking her very first turn at serving.

Watching the 6th grade girls play their first game was interesting.  No one really went after the ball.  Most of the time, they watched it bounce on the ground right in front of them.  The only time someone scored points was when serving those previously mentioned balls.  Only once per game did we actually get a volley, where it came back over the net to the team that served it.  The shock of it usually caused the ball to land on the ground, not hit back over.  However, it was fun for the girls, and it was great to see all the families that came out to support them.  The kids even had a great time cheering Kamy on.

She has about four more games to go, and they are getting better and better. I hope by next week's game, to see some good volley action!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Glimpse of the Future

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of the future, as Georgie Kennedy tapped me on the shoulder and said with a mumbled voice "Look at me, Momma!"  Wow.  Suddenly I saw a crotchety old lady coming 'round the corner of her porch,shaking her fist while balancing on her crooked cane, and yelling at the disobedient children who keep playing on her lawn.  Don't you think she'll make a lovely old lady? Ha!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kolby's Baptism

Kolby was baptized yesterday.  Don't let the pictures fool you.  He was so thrilled that his turn had finally come!!  I was so proud of Kolby.

He really is such a sweet boy, this Kolby of mine. He wants to please others and do things for people and he has done quite a bit of growing up lately.  Sometimes I just look at Kolby and think "When did he suddenly change?"

Kolby was baptized by his Dad, who also gave the talk on baptism.  Later in the program, Kolby and Dad sang a song together, "I love to see the Temple" and it was so sweet to watch.  I'm happy that my kids have such a strong example of fatherhood in their life, just as I did/do. 

After the baptism, we dished out rootbeer floats,which is a tradition in my family, stemming from my childhood, to have rootbeer floats following a baptism.

I'm glad for all of the friends who came down to share this experience with us, and for the friends who sent well wishes, and for all of our family who would have been here if it was possible.  It was a great day, and I'm so glad that Kolby could be such a great example of choosing the right.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lost Tooth

Kennedy (5 1/2) lost her first tooth this morning.  She's been showing me her loose tooth for about a week, every morning, and today was the first day it seemed likely that it could be pulled.

So because she is still little and in my control, she let me get it out. It only took a minute or two and then it was out!  She was so excited about it, as she has been longing and yearning to be in the exclusive Tooth Fairy Club for years.

She put her tooth in a baggie, drew a picture of the Tooth Fairy giving her money, and then went outside to play, with a "Now I'm a big girl, right momma?" called over her shoulder.

I'm happy for my big girl.  It's a big day when you lose your first tooth!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bobcat and Bear Unite!

I now have two cubscouts in the family!  Last week, Kolby FINALLY got to go to scouts with Keaton. He's always desperate to do anything Keaton gets to do, so waiting these two years for scouts just didn't seem fair to him.  Oh, how excited he was that the day had finally arrived!

Kolby got welcomed to the pack and took his first cubscout oath.

That same day, Keaton earned his Bear rank, and got to advance to a Webelo.  Here he is, with his bear buddies, getting ready to cross over.  (He's the one without his bear neckerchief because somebody didn't keep track of it and we couldn't find it in time.)

I'm glad these two boys are close enough in age to do things like this together. I can only imagine how much fun day camp will be for them next year.

Sick For A Day

Yesterday started off just fine.  I got the kids up and ready for school. My throat was sore (which started the previous day) and so when Kennedy said her throat was sore, and she had little cough, I decided to keep her home from school, which she desperately disagreed about. (I selfishly wanted to keep her home so that if the school called for me to pick her up, I wouldn't have to get myself dressed and ready, as I had big plans to stay in my pajamas all day, and nurse my sore throat.)

Big kids all left for school. I had the little ones eating  breakfast as I whipped up a batch of pureed fruit to make some homemade fruit rollups, which needed to dehydrate in the oven for 6-8 hours.  I had some oat groats for breakfast, which is what Kennedy had as well, and then after doing a load of dishes, I showered and got ready (and put pajamas back on) and then we all went downstairs to play.  I began cutting some strips of material for more headbands while Kimble and Kennedy played with toys.

About 9am I started to feel a little funny.  I almost threw up when changing Kimble's stinky diaper, but I figured it was just the intensified smell.  I walked upstairs to throw it away and started to feel dizzy.  I went back downstairs, got Toy Story 3 put  on for the kids, and spent a minute watching Kimble become "in awe" of Buzz Lightyear (and  made a note to get more Buzz toys since all of our old ones have disappeared since the boy's were first fixated with him) and then I started feeling  really yucky.

I made my way upstairs to my bed, and sat down, wondering what was happening.  I suddenly felt dizzy and weak and nauseous and my tummy was rumbling and churning.  I collapsed on my bed and  the next two hours were a blur.  I vaguely remember making multiple trips to the bathroom.  I think I slept on and off.  When Kennedy told me it was lunch time, I told her to make a sandwich for herself, and I went to put Kimble in his bed for a nap.  As I lifted him up to his crib, I almost fell over.  I barely managed to get him up, and using the walls for support, I made my way back to my bed.

Over the next three hours I intermittently slept, laid awake in stupor, curled up in stomach pain, and made excessive trips to the bathroom where I collapsed on the floor with no energy to make it back to my bed.  That was when I called The Husband, and barely able to make sense of even my own ramblings, he told me he was coming home early to take care of me.

At this point, it was almost time for the other kids to be home from school, and Kimble was awake again.  I don't know how he got out of his crib, but Kennedy must have gotten him.  She took  care of him during this whole time, and I'm so glad that she stayed home from school sick (although she never brought up her sore throat, and never coughed again besides right when she woke up).

So the kids all came  home and I instructed Keaton the best that my foggy and weak mind could  instruct, to have everyone do homework and housework after snack.  I went back to sleep.

The Husband came home about 3:30 to find me pretty much unconscious.  He went to the store to get me ginger ale and dinner  for the kids.  About 4:30, I was awake and barely coherent.  My trips to the bathroom were (thankfully) getting further apart.  I had absolutely nothing left in my belly or my digestive system.

I weighed myself, curious if the number had changed since  the weight I took that morning after my shower.  I was down 4.5 pounds.  Wow.

After getting some  ginger ale in me, along with some ritz crackers, I felt livable again.  The  rest of the evening  was spent regaining  my strength until at  about 8pm,  I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen, then walked back to bed.  I watched a bit of tv with The Husband, then went to bed for the night.

I feel so much better today.  Yesterday was crazy.

So my question is, was it a flu bug or was it food poisoning? I didn't eat anything that the rest of the family didn't eat.  Nobody else got what I got.  What happened?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hand Drawn

My sister Sharon can draw stick figures so great.  I'm always  impressed by how cute they are, and how trendy their clothes are!  She recently made herself a new blog header, and I loved it so much that I pretty-pretty-pleased her to make me one.  Yay!  She did!

If interested in your own stick figure design, I'll bet she'd work out a deal with you, for a nominal fee.

To add to the fact that she's so wonderful, she also knitted me these fantastic slippers!

About a year ago, she made mention of these slippers.  Then she made some for a few members of our family.  I wanted a pair so badly, most especially because I live in a world where my feet are constantly freezing.  I have terrible circulation, I guess, because even in the summer, my feet have a chill to them.

So, she said she'd think about it, and months went by.  I desperately wanted slippers, so with the thought that she was too busy to make me some, I asked my other sister Shavonne, who also knits, if she could make me some.  She said she would try.  Then, the two found out about my double-asking, and then neither one wanted to make me a pair!

I guess all was forgiving in light of how I simply couldn't think straight, what with my frozen toes, and last week, I got my slippers.  Aaaahhhh.  They are the perfect slipper. So exactly conformed to my feet and cushiony soft.  Not to mention how totally cute they are, and I love the pink buttons.

Sharon said it takes an awfully long time to make these slippers, so for that reason, she doesn't sell them. She does, however, make lots of cute baby stuff.  She is doing a month-long tribute to sewing, right now, on her blog, so go on over and stick around.  You'll learn some great things.

Thanks Sharon!!!  I love them both!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kimble at 22 Months

My baby boy is 22 months old now!  He is definitely more toddler than baby.  Here are some of Kimble's latest interests:

Kimble loves to climb atop the kids' bunkbeds, and then screams when he wants down.

He will say "Momma" and "Daddy" but doesn't often use them in reference to us.  He'll just say them if we say "Say Momma!", but every once in a while a desperate "Momma!" can be heard if he wants to interact with me as we are in the grocery store or something like that.

Kimble is starting to like to watch little cartoon shows on tv.  His two favorites are Dinosaur Train and Backyardigans.  He begins dancing when he hears the show's introduction songs.

Kimble likes to get in the pantry and eat whatever presents itself to him.  I will often find him walking around the house, carrying a box of cereal, while stuffing it's contents in his mouth.

Kimble loves to throw things, and most especially loves to throw things down the stairs. If anything is ever lost, I just look at the bottom of the stairs.  Last week, I found my missing honey  jar.  I'm so glad it didn't break on the fall down!

Kimble will actually lie down on his belly now, and swish around the bathtub.  He also likes to splash, and for some reason, loves getting washed up with lots of suds, but he still hates to be rinsed off.

Kimble's favorite toys to play with are cars and dinosaurs.  He vrooms the cars around all day on every surface he can find, and when he's playing with dinosaurs, he rraaahhhhrrrs nice and loud and then puts his  fingers between the fake dino teeth and says "ouch!"

Kimble still doesn't mind when I feed him his dinner, but he also likes to have his own spoon so he can feed himself. He loves to take sips of  water out of a regular cup and often says "Aahhhh" when done drinking.

He doesn't say "No" yet, but he'll shake his head if there is something you try to give him that he doesn't want.  If he wants it, he'll hold out his hand and accept it.  This now means that he won't just eat anything that I put on his tray.  If I ignore his head shake, he'll take the suggested item and throw it as far as he can.

Church time is hard for him to sit still, and it's getting harder to find things to occupy him and keep him happy.  Unfortunately, his little screams often cause people to turn around and give us a suggested look, meaning "quiet him down or take him out".  However, Kimble is liking nursery more now, so he is happy in there with the other little kids for the remaining hours of church.

Kimble takes one nap a day, and it's normally for about 2.5 hours.  He still uses his beloved binkie, although only when he is in his crib.  It's on it's last leg, however, with being chewed on by Kimble's sharp teeth, so I don't think we'll have it for much longer.

Kimble says about 20 words so far,  but has yet to put together two word phrases, or to say anyone's name.  He understands me very well, when I ask him to do something.

Kimble has now discovered that there is a part of his body that is usually covered up by his diaper.  He finds this interesting and giggles whenever he comes across it (bath time and diaper changes). I find it hilarious when he giggles.  I love my little Kimble.

Unwanted Fate

Wonder what this baby doll did to receive such a fate.  Guess playtime is tough at our house.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Last Requirement

For a few months, we have been waiting for Keaton to be able to finish his last requirement in cub scouts, to earn his Bear rank.  This month he will be 10, so we needed to have it done before his birthday!  The last thing he needed to do was to visit a police station and talk with a police officer.  It didn't have to be long, but it needed to get done!  During the summer months, I often called the station to set up an appointment for this to happen. Despite numerous calls and messages left, I never recieved a call back.  I had hopes of bringing all the kids with me, and thought it would be a fun summer activity for us, and also a great way to support all the lessons and talks we've had with the kids, about fire safety, our family escape plan, emergency information, etc.

Well, at the urgency of his scout leaders, I decided to just take Keaton down to the station one evening, on my way to do a little  grocery shopping, with the hope that if we showed up, we couldn't be ignored.  I thought we'd get a few minutes to chat with a police officer, so we waited in the lobby until someone came out to greet us.

After about fifteen minutes, the officers were done with their meeting, and one came out and introduced himself as Officer Scott.  He said "Well, what do you want to know?"  Keaton sorta shrugged his shoulders, and so the officer said "Well, come on back and let's have a tour!"

So, Keaton and I followed him back and began a tour of the police department. We saw where they had their meetings, where they "questioned" suspects, where their chief's  office was, where they had a breakroom and a locker room, and then we went down the hall to the fire station half of the building, and interruped the firemen's dinner.

The firemen were more than obliging, as they showed Keaton around their quarters. They showed us the "tv room", where they like to watch Cops.  They showed where they slept, the wall of autographs they have of everyone who has worked there, their display case where they have fun memorabelia, and then they did a test for the alarm system, to show Keaton what it sounds like when they are called to an emergency day or night.

After that, they took Keaton out to the bay where they fully explored every nook and cranny of the firetruck. We saw every compartment and what it held in it, from hoses to tools to flashlights to oxygen to ladders and nozzles.  Keaton even got to wear the chief's hat, look through a special tool that can see heat sources through walls, and turn on all the lights and sirens that go with the truck.  Pretty neat!

When we were done with that, Officer Scott took us back to his side of the building, where he had to find things that would be as neat for us to do as what the firemen showed us.  We were taken into the dispatch control room, where we met the 911 operator that recieves all the calls in our area.  We saw the dozen screens that he had to monitor at all times, which showed him what calls the officers/EMT/firemen were currently on.   He told us how 911 calls get routed to specific areas, and even pretended that Keaton was calling him, and we went through the  whole "What's your emergency" spill.  It was discovered that Keaton did not know our exact address, but he knew what street we lived on, so through a series of questions about the neighborhood, being close to a school, and whether our house faced the mountains, he was able to deduce where we lived, and thereby, could send help if  needed.

Then we went out back where Keaton sat in the driver's seat of Officer Scott's police car.  He started the engine, turned on all the sirens and lights, and got to see all the neat controls and equipment they have in their police cars.

Needless to say, our un-planned five minute visit turned into the greatest experience for Keaton.  Both of us learned a lot, and we appreciated all the attention and time these men took to make Keaton's experience well remembered.