Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Father/Son Campout

You may remember a few years back, when The Husband and the boys went on a father/son overnight campout.  I instructed him to take pictures, but what he came back with wasn't really what I asked for.

So this time, I told him to make sure he took pictures (of the kids this time) and that is exactly what he did.  So here is a run down of their overnight campout.  When they got there, and got their tent set up, they got their food out.  It's tradition for us, to make big packets of spaghetti and meatballs (with garlic bread and soda) for them to warm up over the coals.  So much better than hot dogs, don'tcha think?

Kolby was most interested in the root beer.

...and after which, had  so much energy to kill, that he spent the evening playing in the dirt.

Keaton and The Husband played horseshoes.

Then, after a campfire program, they all went to bed. In the morning, they were zonked out...and still wearing their previous day's clothes, despite the bag I packed them containing pajamas.

And also despite the instructions to have them cleaned up, teeth brushed, and a clothing change for the next day, the boys still looked like this.

As they stood in line for breakfast, Kolby got a shoulder ride.

Keaton was a bit more unsure about the whole thing, and practically strangled his dad.

The line waiting for breakfast.

Despite all the people, the line moved pretty quickly, and they soon reaped their rewards.

Then, as breakfast wasn't enough sugar for Kolby, he went around manipulating people to give him marshmallows, which he gleefully burned to a crisp over the campfires as he used his stick weapons to swordfight the flames.

Then they went on a hike, where they discovered cactus, dug up rocks, and ran around like crazy dirty children.

But at least when they came home, they all took showers and changed their clothes...finally.


runningfan said...

Camping is no fun if being clean is a priority! :)

Colleen said...

Ours is this upcoming weekend and Adam gets to take Luke for the first time! It will be interesting to see how that goes! :) I think I will pack them some rootbeer for dinner too, that looks like it was a hit! Fun times with dad!

Burns Family said...

Yes i stopped packing the pj's a few years back. I finally decided it was boys weekend, anything goes! Besides us girls get to enjoy the weekend too!