Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Glimpse of the Future

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of the future, as Georgie Kennedy tapped me on the shoulder and said with a mumbled voice "Look at me, Momma!"  Wow.  Suddenly I saw a crotchety old lady coming 'round the corner of her porch,shaking her fist while balancing on her crooked cane, and yelling at the disobedient children who keep playing on her lawn.  Don't you think she'll make a lovely old lady? Ha!


Burns Family said...

That has go to hurt! She sounds like a fun little girl to live with.

Colleen said...

AHHHH! Funny!!!!

Ryan said...

That is one cute, little, old lady--who is losing her teeth! Holy smokes, I've missed a lot in the Nunnelly family! I can't believe all that's happened in the last few weeks, YOUNG WOMEN PRES, BAPTISM, SCOUTS, . . . how do you stay on top of it all?! I have to say those are some lucky young women. Lots of love and luck at staying on top of everything. Love, Nicki