Monday, September 26, 2011

It's A Zoo!

Last week I had plans to take Mr. Kimble to the zoo. We were going to meet up with two additional friends (and their mommies) and have a fun morning before nap time. That morning, The Husband decided to take the day off work, and after discovering our plans for the day, he decided to join us, seeing as how he had never gone to our zoo before.

We enjoyed the giraffes, who seemed to scoff us once they discovered we had no tasty leaves for them to eat.

Kimble enjoyed riding on Simba the statue, after seeing the real Simba frolicking around in his/her habitat.  Then we took a stroll through Australia, where we couldn't find any wallabies to play with, but saw a little alligator going for a swim.

 This bear statue seemed a nice place to get a group picture.  Kimble was scared of him, and didn't want to pose for very long.

We saw big bears lounging in the sun, and Kimble was intrigued by all the fish swimming in the little bear lake.

I've never seen this Moose do anything but sleep.  This day was no exception.  It was a perfect day, afterall, to stroll around and sight see.  We may have to suggest this to Mr. Moose the next time we see him.

 Over at the primate habitat, we discovered that Kimble weighs the same as a black & white colobus (whatever that is).

Then The Husband couldn't help but frolic with the wildlife one last time, before we headed home for nap time.

I'm so glad Heath ended up coming with us.  He doesn't often get to spend so much (day) time with Kimble.  I think they both had a great time.


Sharon said...

Fun! I love the zoo! I love animals :)

young said...

its awesome when the husband takes a day off on his own and joins the family! Glad you guys had a good time together!

courtney said...

Anytime the husband gets to stay home from work but the other kids are still at school, makes for a fun day!

Colleen said...

I love our zoo! Glad it was a fun day!


Kimble is getting so big! So glad to see the little man doing so well.