Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keaton's 10th!

Keaton's birthday was this week.  He is now officially a double-digiter.  It started the night before when we made cookies for his class at school.  Apparently he has been preparing his classmates for "my mom's famous chocolate chip cookies...which are the best you've ever had" and so we made them together, and I just hoped that they would live up to his hype!

The morning of his birthday, I sent him to school with 30 cookies to share, which everyone seemed to like (thank goodness).  We had spaghetti and meatballs for his birthday dinner, then came our family picture, which is tradition whenever we celebrate anyone's birthday.  First normal...then crazy.

After that, I realized that I didn't wrap any of Keaton's birthday gifts. So  I sent him on a scavenger  hunt, around the house, to find his three gifts (which apparently was the best part of his birthday, when I asked him later what his favorite was...).  He ended up with a basketball, a soccer ball, a birthstone necklace (which he's been asking for for months) and a pair of rollerblades so that he can race Kolby around the block.

Since we aren't cake people, he chose to have root beer floats for his birthday dessert. I shoved ten candles in the icecream, and Keaton loved how big the flames got.

Keaton is a very helpful and tender boy. He loves scouts, riding his bike, and helping others.  He has peaked his interest in reading lately, and thus he reads every night, in his bed, before he goes to sleep. He likes to watch "dino dan" on tv, rollerblade and bike around the neighborhood, and is intent on making sure that everyone at school has a friend to play with.  I love my sweet Keaton.  Happy 10th birthday!


Shavonne said...

Happy Birthday to Keaton!!! I'm glad he had a great day, wish we could be there for the birthdays!

Ande said...

sounds like he had a wonderful birthday!!! Happy latebirthday Keaton!!!!

Colleen said...

It sounds like a great birthday! Keaton is a wonderful boy, every bit as fabulous as you describe him. Happy 10th birthday, Keaton!

Karen and Matt said...

How fun!!! Happy 10th birthday Keaton!!! =)