Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kimble at 22 Months

My baby boy is 22 months old now!  He is definitely more toddler than baby.  Here are some of Kimble's latest interests:

Kimble loves to climb atop the kids' bunkbeds, and then screams when he wants down.

He will say "Momma" and "Daddy" but doesn't often use them in reference to us.  He'll just say them if we say "Say Momma!", but every once in a while a desperate "Momma!" can be heard if he wants to interact with me as we are in the grocery store or something like that.

Kimble is starting to like to watch little cartoon shows on tv.  His two favorites are Dinosaur Train and Backyardigans.  He begins dancing when he hears the show's introduction songs.

Kimble likes to get in the pantry and eat whatever presents itself to him.  I will often find him walking around the house, carrying a box of cereal, while stuffing it's contents in his mouth.

Kimble loves to throw things, and most especially loves to throw things down the stairs. If anything is ever lost, I just look at the bottom of the stairs.  Last week, I found my missing honey  jar.  I'm so glad it didn't break on the fall down!

Kimble will actually lie down on his belly now, and swish around the bathtub.  He also likes to splash, and for some reason, loves getting washed up with lots of suds, but he still hates to be rinsed off.

Kimble's favorite toys to play with are cars and dinosaurs.  He vrooms the cars around all day on every surface he can find, and when he's playing with dinosaurs, he rraaahhhhrrrs nice and loud and then puts his  fingers between the fake dino teeth and says "ouch!"

Kimble still doesn't mind when I feed him his dinner, but he also likes to have his own spoon so he can feed himself. He loves to take sips of  water out of a regular cup and often says "Aahhhh" when done drinking.

He doesn't say "No" yet, but he'll shake his head if there is something you try to give him that he doesn't want.  If he wants it, he'll hold out his hand and accept it.  This now means that he won't just eat anything that I put on his tray.  If I ignore his head shake, he'll take the suggested item and throw it as far as he can.

Church time is hard for him to sit still, and it's getting harder to find things to occupy him and keep him happy.  Unfortunately, his little screams often cause people to turn around and give us a suggested look, meaning "quiet him down or take him out".  However, Kimble is liking nursery more now, so he is happy in there with the other little kids for the remaining hours of church.

Kimble takes one nap a day, and it's normally for about 2.5 hours.  He still uses his beloved binkie, although only when he is in his crib.  It's on it's last leg, however, with being chewed on by Kimble's sharp teeth, so I don't think we'll have it for much longer.

Kimble says about 20 words so far,  but has yet to put together two word phrases, or to say anyone's name.  He understands me very well, when I ask him to do something.

Kimble has now discovered that there is a part of his body that is usually covered up by his diaper.  He finds this interesting and giggles whenever he comes across it (bath time and diaper changes). I find it hilarious when he giggles.  I love my little Kimble.


Jeff and Lori said...

Sweet boy Kimble!!

Renny's little things said...

ohh I love him...he and my Isaac are so alike but Isaac says the time..Kimble is so perfect now what a lovely little boy
Cheers from Aus

Jen Sue Wild said...

It is so nice to see how strong and happy he is.