Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lost Tooth

Kennedy (5 1/2) lost her first tooth this morning.  She's been showing me her loose tooth for about a week, every morning, and today was the first day it seemed likely that it could be pulled.

So because she is still little and in my control, she let me get it out. It only took a minute or two and then it was out!  She was so excited about it, as she has been longing and yearning to be in the exclusive Tooth Fairy Club for years.

She put her tooth in a baggie, drew a picture of the Tooth Fairy giving her money, and then went outside to play, with a "Now I'm a big girl, right momma?" called over her shoulder.

I'm happy for my big girl.  It's a big day when you lose your first tooth!


Colleen said...

It IS a big day! Congrats Kennedy!

Karen and Matt said...

Super exciting to join the tooth fairy club! I can't believe she is old enough to lose her first tooth. Crazy!!! She is growing up, what a major milestone.=) She looks super cute with that missing tooth. Congratulations Kennedy!