Friday, September 9, 2011

Sick For A Day

Yesterday started off just fine.  I got the kids up and ready for school. My throat was sore (which started the previous day) and so when Kennedy said her throat was sore, and she had little cough, I decided to keep her home from school, which she desperately disagreed about. (I selfishly wanted to keep her home so that if the school called for me to pick her up, I wouldn't have to get myself dressed and ready, as I had big plans to stay in my pajamas all day, and nurse my sore throat.)

Big kids all left for school. I had the little ones eating  breakfast as I whipped up a batch of pureed fruit to make some homemade fruit rollups, which needed to dehydrate in the oven for 6-8 hours.  I had some oat groats for breakfast, which is what Kennedy had as well, and then after doing a load of dishes, I showered and got ready (and put pajamas back on) and then we all went downstairs to play.  I began cutting some strips of material for more headbands while Kimble and Kennedy played with toys.

About 9am I started to feel a little funny.  I almost threw up when changing Kimble's stinky diaper, but I figured it was just the intensified smell.  I walked upstairs to throw it away and started to feel dizzy.  I went back downstairs, got Toy Story 3 put  on for the kids, and spent a minute watching Kimble become "in awe" of Buzz Lightyear (and  made a note to get more Buzz toys since all of our old ones have disappeared since the boy's were first fixated with him) and then I started feeling  really yucky.

I made my way upstairs to my bed, and sat down, wondering what was happening.  I suddenly felt dizzy and weak and nauseous and my tummy was rumbling and churning.  I collapsed on my bed and  the next two hours were a blur.  I vaguely remember making multiple trips to the bathroom.  I think I slept on and off.  When Kennedy told me it was lunch time, I told her to make a sandwich for herself, and I went to put Kimble in his bed for a nap.  As I lifted him up to his crib, I almost fell over.  I barely managed to get him up, and using the walls for support, I made my way back to my bed.

Over the next three hours I intermittently slept, laid awake in stupor, curled up in stomach pain, and made excessive trips to the bathroom where I collapsed on the floor with no energy to make it back to my bed.  That was when I called The Husband, and barely able to make sense of even my own ramblings, he told me he was coming home early to take care of me.

At this point, it was almost time for the other kids to be home from school, and Kimble was awake again.  I don't know how he got out of his crib, but Kennedy must have gotten him.  She took  care of him during this whole time, and I'm so glad that she stayed home from school sick (although she never brought up her sore throat, and never coughed again besides right when she woke up).

So the kids all came  home and I instructed Keaton the best that my foggy and weak mind could  instruct, to have everyone do homework and housework after snack.  I went back to sleep.

The Husband came home about 3:30 to find me pretty much unconscious.  He went to the store to get me ginger ale and dinner  for the kids.  About 4:30, I was awake and barely coherent.  My trips to the bathroom were (thankfully) getting further apart.  I had absolutely nothing left in my belly or my digestive system.

I weighed myself, curious if the number had changed since  the weight I took that morning after my shower.  I was down 4.5 pounds.  Wow.

After getting some  ginger ale in me, along with some ritz crackers, I felt livable again.  The  rest of the evening  was spent regaining  my strength until at  about 8pm,  I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen, then walked back to bed.  I watched a bit of tv with The Husband, then went to bed for the night.

I feel so much better today.  Yesterday was crazy.

So my question is, was it a flu bug or was it food poisoning? I didn't eat anything that the rest of the family didn't eat.  Nobody else got what I got.  What happened?


courtney said...

There is a flu bug going around, that seems to hit fast and strong for 12 hours instead of a 24 hour bug. I am gald that you are better!

Karen and Matt said...

Holy crap shaina! That was a pretty crappy crazy day. I'm so glad that you had Kami there to help you, and that Heath came home early. That was a lot of weight to lose. Not a fun way to do it though. You should invest in some Digestzen by doterra. It helps with food poisoning and nausea, well stomach problems. I'm so glad you are feeling better today! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog earlier.

Jeff and Lori said...

It sure sounds like food poisoning...who knows? Glad you're feeling better!

Colleen said...

Yuck! Glad you are feeling better!