Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sky Sox

The  night after the Father/son campout, we  had the opportunity to go to a Sky Sox game, which is our city's minor league baseball team.  I haven't ever been to a game, although some of my family members have (work or school related trips).  This night was made possible through our Mended Little  Hearts group that we are a part of, and it held a few extras that we normally wouldn't be able to participate in.

First off, here's the kids, standing in front of a big baseball.  I'm not sure why Kennedy isn't very enthused, but it probably has to do with the fact that she wanted to sit on the baseball.

Before the game began, we took a quick family picture!  Then we enjoyed a (free) buffet dinner and(endless) soda pop (which I wasn't thrilled about, and prevented the kids from having more than two cups.  What a meanie mom I am.).

Kamy was standing down by the fence, watching the team practice, and one of the guys threw up his ball to her!  So fun.

Before the game began, Heath and Kimble got the opportunity to walk around the field, along with other congenital heart defect survivors and a parent.  It was a unique perspective of the field that not many people get to have.

We were even visited my Mr. Sky Sox  the Sky Fox himself!  Kimble wasn't quite sure what to make of him.

We were given bags of goodies that contained blow up bats and balls, hats and treats, and other fun stuff like loud obnoxious whistle buzzer things that two random girls kept blowing the entire game, despite asking nicely for them to stop.   The boys, however, had a great time whacking eachother all night long.

We all got 3-D glasses for the special 3-D fireworks that were going to happen after the game, but the kids enjoyed wearing them the entire time.  Sadly, we left about the 6th inning because Kimble was a bit difficult to keep happy during the game.

It was still a great evening, and a nice opportunity to do something we don't normally get to do.


runningfan said...

Looks like fun! I have never been to a game, either...too many little people at our house!

Colleen said...

Adam's company picnic is always there, so we go at least once a year and have the buffet dinner plus the endless soda. I always limit the boys too, so you aren't the only mean one!!! It looks like a fun night with some great families!

courtney said...

I think it is pretty fun to go to baseball games, I loved when mom and dad would take us to the Indian's games. I love all the kid freindly stuff they had for you.

I also loved the post about the father's and sons campout. I have to pray a lot for the safety of my son because it seems like there is very little surpervision that happens at those campouts, but the boys always come back talking about how much fun they had.