Friday, September 9, 2011

Bobcat and Bear Unite!

I now have two cubscouts in the family!  Last week, Kolby FINALLY got to go to scouts with Keaton. He's always desperate to do anything Keaton gets to do, so waiting these two years for scouts just didn't seem fair to him.  Oh, how excited he was that the day had finally arrived!

Kolby got welcomed to the pack and took his first cubscout oath.

That same day, Keaton earned his Bear rank, and got to advance to a Webelo.  Here he is, with his bear buddies, getting ready to cross over.  (He's the one without his bear neckerchief because somebody didn't keep track of it and we couldn't find it in time.)

I'm glad these two boys are close enough in age to do things like this together. I can only imagine how much fun day camp will be for them next year.

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Colleen said...

Ben felt similarly about entering Scouts after watching Zac do it for two years. Congrats Kolby!!! Is Kolby doing Tigers?