Thursday, September 15, 2011


Kamy is participating in intramural volleyball for about  8 weeks (her very first official sport!).  Every day she has practice after school, and the bus brings her home at about 6:20.  It's a long day without my girl, and I miss her a lot!  I can't wait until the month is over and she gets to be home after school.

Last week, she had her first game.  Since The Husband was still at work, I loaded up all the kids and we went to watch her play.  Here she is, taking her very first turn at serving.

Watching the 6th grade girls play their first game was interesting.  No one really went after the ball.  Most of the time, they watched it bounce on the ground right in front of them.  The only time someone scored points was when serving those previously mentioned balls.  Only once per game did we actually get a volley, where it came back over the net to the team that served it.  The shock of it usually caused the ball to land on the ground, not hit back over.  However, it was fun for the girls, and it was great to see all the families that came out to support them.  The kids even had a great time cheering Kamy on.

She has about four more games to go, and they are getting better and better. I hope by next week's game, to see some good volley action!


kdaygirl said...

Kobly looks less than thrilled to be!
I bet they get the hang of it really fast.

courtney said...

That is so cool! I really want to see her play! Next time that we see you here or in Colorado, I am going to pass the ball around with Kamy.

If you don't have a volleyball at home, you should get her one for Christmas!

Colleen said...

Go Kamy! It's always so fun to watch your kids play in sports.

Becky said...

I was laughing as I read about the games. Kamy was sure excited about volleyball when I talked to her during our visit.