Saturday, October 22, 2011

After The Balloons

After the balloon festival, I stayed home with the babies so they could take a nap, while our cousins went to their football game (My cousin Allen coached the game and his son Carter played in it) and the rest of the kids played happily with each other.  Then, after lunch, we went out on a hike, to visit the local petroglyphs.  The above picture shows all the kids, minus the two little ones, as we began our hike.

 We didn't last long on the first hike, realizing that we weren't seeing any petroglyphs.  We were in the wrong place. So we loaded up everyone again, drove a few miles down the road, and started another hike.

Keaton is showing the first petroglyph that we found.  An animal of some sort.  Fun!

We kept on hiking up the stairs and around the narrow paths, the kids jumping from rock to rock and overall making the adults very nervous on the steep climb, but they all had a great time.

Once we got to the top of the plateau, having seen very little petroglyphs, we took a group picture, let the kids teeter on the edges of the cliffs (more like called them away from the edges of the cliffs) and then headed back home so the men could go to a church meeting together, while Monique and I made bracelets!

After the men's meeting, the adults met up to grab a bit to eat before going to a LATE-night movie. We had to celebrate The Husband's birthday, afterall!   I was already exhausted, and spent much of the movie trying to sleep, but I'm glad we got to go out and spend time with each other, and with Allen and Monique.


Renny's little things said...

HAppy Birthday Heath....You guys are so beautiful XXX
Hugs and Cheers from Aus
Geniene XX

Becky said...

Fun times! Family hikes are the best. I think it is great that you guys do so many nature outings. The picture of you and Heath is darling! Happy B-day to Heath.

Ryan said...

Love your cute headband in the pictures! What a fun weekend and happy birthday to the old man, Heath;) Looks like everyone had fun celebrating. This is NIcki and I don't know why I'm always logged in as Ryan and too lazy to change it. . .

Colleen said...

Love the last photo! All your pictures feel like deja vu! We've done all these things in NM on our visits there too! So glad you all had such a fun time.