Sunday, October 9, 2011

Drawings From School

Kennedy has been bringing home some great papers from school.  I love looking  through her folder every week, to see what she's been up to.   Here's a few to share.

Apparently Kennedy wants to be an Artist when she grows up.  I love how she drew her artist pallet. She drew herself with her little leg bent up (she is so girly) and big red Xs for the eyes, although I'm not sure why she did that one.  Maybe it was her inner artist coming out.

They discussed the story of the Three Little Pigs at length.  Kennedy obviously preferred the house made out of bricks, and I love how the roof looks!

I'm really not sure about the next picture. What was she trying to draw, anyway?  As for the "My hair is crazy" picture, this was done on the day they had "Bad Hair Day" at school.  Love it!

How do you get to school?  Kennedy answered that question "My feet walked today".

One of her homework pages was to cut out items from a magazine that began with those specific letters.  M is for Milk. S is for Spaghetti Sauce.  T is for Toothpaste.  Apparently Kennedy's teacher doesn't know that R is for Rachael Ray!

What do you like to eat?  Kennedy likes to eat salad.  Who knew?

 The  splash pad is at our local park, where tons of gallons of water sprays from different sprinkler-type equipment, providing hours of fun for summer-loving kids. It seems to make Kennedy a bit crazy, according to the picture. So crazy, that beneath the hot sun and lovely rainbows, Kennedy is a bit tired. School is tough, afterall.

I love collecting these drawings from Kennedy.  It's so fun to see her creativity.


Ryan said...

I love the art work. That mommy creativity just leaks down to those kids! Also, Keaton is such a handsome 10 year old. All the kids look so grown up to me from even seeing them this summer. Time keeps marching on. SUCH A CUTE QUILT too. You just keep producing! This is Nicki

Colleen said...

What fun little treasures!