Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Trunk-or-Treat

Our church Halloween party was last night.  While I was working at a craft fair all day, I instructed The Husband to search through our dress-up box to find costumes for the kids.  I felt bad that we weren't really in the spirit of Halloween, and didn't ever figure out costumes for the kids.  But then again, I hate to waste money on costumes when we have creative minds and can come up with something that would work.  So, here's the rundown of what my kids were for our church Halloween party.  
Kimble was a cowboy, with pants two sizes too long for him.  He ditched the hat as soon as this picture was taken.  Kennedy was self-proclaimed Cinderella, wearing her church dress and glass slippers.

Keaton was a jedi warrior, so powerful that his light saber was invisible.  Kolby was an unhappy jedi warrior, teetering towards the dark side.

 Kamyren was a geek.  She wore my great grandfather's suspenders, which were given to me after he passed away.  I love those suspenders.

Heath and I were "just woken up" and "not a morning person".  I sewed up these eye masks just before we left (he wanted the pink one!) and we spent the evening in our pajamas and slippers (most comfy Halloween I've had yet!).

All together, we were a mismatched group, but we had a great time.


Karen and Matt said...

Fun! All great ideas for last minute. Love yours and heath's, being comfy is the best! =)

Becky said...

Those are all great costumes. I think it is great that you can be so creative with what you have.

Colleen said...

Great last minute costumes! You are one creative gal!

courtney said...

Heath doesn't look grumpy, he looks quite alert!

Ryan said...

What a crew! Happy Halloween to you guys.