Thursday, October 27, 2011


We had a storm that rolled through here yesterday.  For about a week, it was all the newscasters were buzzing about.  "Big Storm!!"  "8-12" inches!"  "Crazy Commute!"  "Probable school closings!"  So the hype was there, and we all prepared.  We found all the winter coats in the garage.  Hats and gloves. Scarfs.  I planned this amazing soup and rolls for dinner.  We were ready.

Wednesday morning, we woke up and the kids expectantly looked out the window.  Snow?  Inches?  It looked like the grass had dandruff.  Barely a dusting.  So disappointed.  The kids all got ready for school and I sent them out the door...bundled up for nothing.

A few hours later, it started snowing.  Then it kept on snowing. For the rest of the day, it snowed, and it was beautiful.  Big feathery snow crystals falling fat and happy to the ground.  When the kids got home from school, there was enough to play in, and make snowmen, and throw snowballs, and watch in wonder, under the protection of an umbrella.

Even though we didn't get as much as our northern neighbors did, in our old neck of the woods, we were happy that it ended up being a lovely snow-filled day.  Tomorrow, it's supposed to be back up in the 70's.  Bye bye snow. We'll have you stick around another time.

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Colleen said...

We didn't get all that much either. But I'm loving the snow so far, especially that the sun and warmth returns happily afterwards! After last year's lame amounts of snow this has been fun!