Monday, November 28, 2011

Big Boy Hair Cut

After the Space Derby, we all came home and The Husband began cutting the boys' hair.  It was right before Thanksgiving, and they were all pretty shaggy.  I convinced The Husband to cut Mr. Kimble's hair too.  I've given him many trims with the scissors, but his hair was just growing wonky.  Half was curly and half was straight.  The front sides of his hair hadn't grown in yet, and it was starting to look like he had a mullet.  So even though I knew by the end of the haircut, he wouldn't look like my little baby boy anymore, we went ahead with the haircut.  Above is the before picture.

I held his head and face while his daddy used the clippers.  For a (barely) 2 year old, he did quite well, and didn't really mind the sound or the feeling.  He only fidgeted because he didn't want me to hold him still.  So after a dum dum sucker (left over from Halloween), he sat still a little better.  Heath does a great job with cutting all the boys' hair, and cutting Kimble's was no different.

Although Kimble's hair is a bit patchy, due to lack of growth and not from a bad haircut, he looks pretty good with his new hairstyle.  He sure looks different though.  He's getting grown up.  (sigh)


Jen said...

We gave Jakob his first big boy haircut this weekend too. I couldn't stand his mullet anymore. No more baby. It changes them so much. Kimble looks so cute.

Colleen said...

{sigh} What a difference a cut makes. He looks great...and old!!!!!

melissa friedman said...

Kimble looks adorable god bless him his daddy did a great job with his hair.