Friday, November 18, 2011

CICU Staff

As we were walking around the hospital, we got a chance to see some of our heroes again.  These doctors made all the difference, in Kimble's life and our life, and we always get so excited when we see them.  We approach with hesitancy, because we are sure that with so many patients, they won't remember us or our specifics, but we are always surprised by the recognition they show, and the happiness they have for Kimble's progress. 

First up, we saw our doctor Jesse, as he was leaving his shift and heading home to his family.  He was with us the night Kimble had his post-surgery problems, and after emergency surgery, had a terrible night of teetering between life and death. It was Jesse's cool and calm leadership that kept Kimble alive. 

We love Jesse, and were very happy to see him.  He loved seeing us as well, and even chatted about some specifics to Kimble's case, that proved he remembered us very specifically.  It helped that he and a team of doctors earlier in the day were just discussing that very night (almost two years ago) as they went over some research studies that Kimble was involved in.

We also saw Dr. Adel.  He did all my prenatal ultrasounds, up at The Children's Hospital, and he also did all of Kimble's echocardiograms with all of our stays up there.  He knows Kimble's heart with as much detail as our surgeon does, and he also was happy to see us and see Kimble doing so well. 

Again, Dr. Adel discussed some specifics of Kimble's heart with us, that demonstrated we weren't just another patient to him.  That is one thing I've always love about Dr. Adel.  He is so personal about his work and how he relates to not only patients, but to their families as well.  He is an amazing man, and we were so happy to talk with him and discuss Kimble's future surgeries, which when the time comes, he'll be part of our team of doctors again.  Oh, and he also taught Kimble how to 'fist pump', which he mastered a few minutes after this picture.

Going into the CICU, when I delivered blankets, I saw Dr. Campbell again.  He has done all of Kimble's open heart surgeries, and is a man I trust with all of our lives.  He was watching another post-op baby at the time, but took a few minutes to discuss Kimble with me.  I had to remind him a bit about Kimble's case (which isn't surprising considering how many surgeries this man performs) but he also remembered us and discussed a few things about Kimble's future surgeries.  In discussing the possible  reversal of Kimble's Glenn, we learned that it is a surgery he does not too often, but probably every 2-3 years.  He'll be on board when we come back in about a year, for another surgery.  It was great talking with him, and Heath loved seeing him again.

Dr. Shannon Buckvold was another doctor that took care of us during both our stays at the hospital.  She discovered the swelling around Kimble's heart, just as we were ready to be discharged when he was a newborn, and thus we stayed another week to watch those levels, and ultimately have it surgically drained.  If it wasn't for that detection, Kimble could have had some serious problems once we got home, or possibly have died.

She was also with us when he had his surgery at 7 months old, and since she knew his tendency to swell, she aggressively managed his post-op care and he recovered beautifully and quickly.  She is a super smart woman, and we are proud to be connected with her.

Touring the CICU, we also saw many nurses and other staff who took care of Kimble (and us) during our many stays there.  We care about these people so much because they do something for us that we can't possibly do ourselves.  They have the knowledge and experience and the gentleness needed to be the caretakers during a very tough time in our lives.  I'm not sure they understand how much gratitude we feel for them.  With all their patients, I'm sure the details of our lives escape them, but they will never leave our hearts.  We love all the staff in the CICU and the CPCU.

We know that when we go back for another surgery, we will be in the best of hands.  Despite all the heartache and struggles we had, we love this place, and especially the CICU, and feel it a privilege every time we go back...for whatever reason.

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Colleen said...

Wonderful! What a blessing these people have been to so many lives!