Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kimble turns 2!

Mr. Kimble is 2 years old!  He is full of spunk and personality.  He likes to get into things and still throws everything down the stairs.  He doesn't mind when I feed him at meal times, but he also likes to use a fork and feed himself.  He wants to drink out of a cup by himself, and likes to watch 'dee-dah' (tv) in the mornings, while snuggled in my bed. 

We just quit using the beloved binkie, and after only a few days, he is doing fine without it.  He has two blankies that he loves, and he is always trying to sneak outside if someone else goes out the door.  If you let go of his hand while outside, he will make a run for it, and doesn't understand street danger yet.  He really likes getting into my sewing stuff, climbing on the kids' bunk beds, and throwing things into the toilet.  His favorite food seems to be meatloaf, and he loves to drink water just as much as I do.

He hasn't learned to say No yet, but he will shake his head no.  His vocabulary is growing, but he is still behind in  his speech.  He says something that sounds like "whats'at?" and he says it for everything.  He has two medical appointments this week, one for Pediatrics and one for Cardiology.  We'll update you about those findings, later in the week.

 After we sent the kids off to school, The Husband and I took Kimble out for some fun. We stopped first at Target, to get his birthday presents. This may be the only year we can get away with doing it with the birthday boy, so we took advantage of it. I had some sort of car track in mind, for Kimble, but we also browsed a bit, and looked for what Kimble showed interest in. 

When we were done shopping, we took Kimble out to lunch.  We ended up at Chick-fil-A, where we shared some lemonade and chicken nuggets.  Yummy.  Kimble watched his daddy dip some chicken into sauce, and from then on, he had to have his chicken dipped too.

 When the kids got home from school, we took our traditional birthday family photo (normal and silly) and then had some dinner!

We chose to have pizza for Kimble's birthday dinner, and he ate two pieces, crust and all.

Then it was time for presents!  Miss Jennifer made Kimble a portable racetrack, and some airplanes to play with.  So fun!

We got him some rubbery dinosaurs, which he immediately roarrrrred as he played, and also a fun car track for him to zip his cars down and around.

 We also got him some train cars, to fit on his existing wooden train track.  I think those might be his favorite. He loves fitting them on the track and making them go down the little incline.

After some fun time with toys, we blew out the candles and had some cake, which Miss Jennifer made for him in the form of a racetrack.  He loved dipping his fingers in the frosting and then sharing it with everyone.

 We left him to his own devices, after serving him with cake and ice cream, and he sure enjoyed every crumb.

After getting cleaned up, he enjoyed some love with Miss Jennifer and Mr. Dale, and in the picture, they are roarring with each other.  So cute.

Our Mr. Kimble is a whirlwind of activity and motion.  He's always on the go.  Happy 2nd birthday, sweet baby boy!


Jen said...

That Car ramp is the best toy. We got it for Max when he turned 2 last year. Both of the boys LOVE playing with it. Happy 2 to Kimble!!!

Shavonne said...

We sure do love him! Happy Birthday Kimble, you are one special boy!!!

Renny's little things said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Mr Kimble..the last 20 months that I have been reading about you has changed my life in that I know how lucky I am to have one who only gets the flu or teething fevers. Your such a wonderful man and you havae the most wonderful Mum and Dad.. Thanks Shania for letting us all be apart of Kimble and your Familys life...
Love to you all
Geniene from Aus

Jed and Kera said...

So, I know I haven't commented in a long time, but we still follow your blog! I love that I just turned to my hubby and said "Kimble turned 2!" and he knew exactly who I was talking about. We both got teary eyed. We have really grown to love your family even though you were just a random blog I stumbled on a little over 2 years ago. Kimble is a miracle! I just remember being a brand new mommy and wondering how on earth you could go through what you were. I'm grateful that we were able to find your blog and exercise faith in prayer and fasting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMBLE!

Karen and Matt said...

What a sweet little boy!!! Happy Birthday Kimble!!! He sure looks like he enjoyed every minute of it. =)

Colleen said...

Kimble and Tommy would sure have some fun together! They are so much in the same stage! It sounds like Kimble was perfectly and happily celebrated. Happy 2nd birthday Kimble! And I love the sweet post before this one! I have a lot of memories from those days too! He is a gift!

Julie said...

I can't believe how grown up he looks! Wow! We are so excited to see him on Friday.