Monday, November 28, 2011

Space Derby

The boys enjoyed their space derby last week.  It had been cancelled and postponed a few times, so they were excited to finally have it happen.  After helping to cut their spaceship-rockets at a friend's house, we left it up to them to decorate them.   The boys worked together to create U.S.A. ships, with flags and patriotic colors throughout.

Here is Heath, helping to wind up Kolby's rocket.  100 twists of the rubber band, then you lock the propeller in.  After fitting it in the little contraption that held the four that were racing against each other, a lever got pulled and off shot the rockets!

It was so exciting to watch, even Kimble got into it.

Here is Kolby, watching with pride as his was about to be raced!

Unfortunately, that is is as far as Kolby's rocket went, the first time around.  Perhaps it just malfunctioned a bit, or didn't get wound up enough...but it was sorta funny to see all the other rockets shoot past everyone, and see Kolby's get fizzled out four inches from the start.

Keaton didn't have to wait long for his turn. He was so anxious to see how his rocket would do.

Mr. Kimble stopped watching the rockets, and pigged out on cheese puffs for the rest of the night.

Yay!!  Keaton came in first one round!  You can see his rocket suspended on  the wire behind him.

After another few tries, Kolby's rocket did better, and he even placed second one round!

We all enjoyed a fun night together. I'm glad they get these experiences in cub scouts.

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Colleen said...

So COOL! A space derby would be so much fun! Way to go boys!