Monday, December 12, 2011

6 Years Old

We interrupt the CHRISTmas countdown to bring you a birthday post.  Little Georgie Kennedy had her birthday last week.  She's been counting down her birthday for about 10 months. Almost daily, she'd tell me what she wanted for her birthday present; what she wanted for her birthday treat; what her favorite meal was so we could make it for dinner; and what she wanted to do for the party she was going to have.

She has never had a birthday party, so I wanted to do one for her. However, with the holidays, and my crazy busy schedule, we didn't have a lot of time to really plan it. So with time getting close, we asked a few of her little friends to join us for a night out of pizza and a movie.

Georgie had five girlfriends who got to attend our little evening out.  I took them to a Spy Kids movie at the dollar theater, where they all watched in rapture while eating popcorn and drinking juice.

Then we went out for pizza, where all the girlies filled up on pizza and breadsticks and dessert pizza and brownies and pasta and more pizza and soda. Yum.  After that, Georgie opened her presents up, and we took pictures with each of the girls.

This all happened the night before her birthday because we had plans the next day to go to our Mended Little Hearts Support Meeting.  We didn't want to miss it because....Santa and Mrs. Claus showed up to read a story and spend some time with all the kids that attended.  We even managed to squeeze in our traditional family birthday picture, with Santa and Mrs. Claus included!

We rushed through her present-opening a bit, because of our tight schedule, (which is why there are no pictures), but she was thrilled with her gifts. She got some princess play rings (jewelry rings), some new church shoes, an art toy for her to spend hours and hours coloring and drawing princesses, and she also got a play castle tent that she set up in her room.

Little Kennedy (whom I still call Georgie most of the time) is very sweet and loving.  She is such a girly girl.  She loves helping out around the house and doing her chores.  She loves playing with Kimble and helping him get snacks out of the pantry.  She likes to play outside and prefers to ride the scooter, verses her bike, because she doesn't like the training wheels (even though she can't ride it without them).  She is loving school, and often calls me her teacher's name.  She is really a happy girl.  We sure like having her in our family.


Adri said...

December birthdays are so hard! You did a good job of making it special, despite the season.

Karen and Matt said...

She is so stinking cute!!! She sure looks like she had a fun time. Happy Birthday Georgie Kennedy!!!