Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 10 CHRISTmas: Positive Remarks

On this day, we took some time to share what we love about each other.  We went through every single person in the family and made positive comments about everyone.  It was really great to see the kids' smiles, with their faces beaming, as we told them the things we love about them.

Sometimes for me, it's hard to make sure all the positives outweigh the negatives.  I get caught up in making sure the house is clean, that all the kids have done their chores, that everyone looks nice and well kept.  I often forget to make sure to throw in positive comments throughout the day.  It was a good lesson for me, to see the change in my kids' behaviors for the rest of the day.  This is something that definitely made a difference.  (Have you ever tried to squeeze 7 people into a self-portrait?)

I wrote down some of the comments, as the family was saying them.  It was great to hear all the wonderful things we thought about each other.

Said about...
The Husband:  I love that you teach me cool karate moves (then said child demonstrates a sweet kick in the air).  You tickle me and wrestle with me and it's so fun.  You like us and play with us.  You take us on bike rides.  I love that you play games with me.  I like the daddy/daughter dates we go on.  You teach me good things.  You show your love for me in everything you do.

Momma:  I love that you always cook us good food.  You take me to farmer's markets and I like helping you sell your things.  You love me.  You do my hair pretty.  You buy me stuff and make our birthdays so fun.  You love me and our marriage and family.  You make yourself so pretty.  You are responsible with our finances.  You are creative and show me how to serve others with a happy attitude.  You help me with my homework.  You make sure we have nice clothes to wear. You are a good mom.

Kamy:  You are so helpful and sweet and kind.  You are dependable and I can count on you to choose the right.  You love your siblings and always try to help them and share with them.  You trade beds with me when I ask.  You are nice to my friends.  You are responsible.  You love playing with Kimble.  You are so pretty.

Keaton:  You tell funny jokes that make me laugh.  You are hilarious.  You are sensitive to others' feelings and needs.  You like to play with everyone.  You tell the truth.  You are always so complimentary about the food we eat.  You are a happy boy.  You like to play-fight with me.  I like to give you hugs.

Kolby:  Your smile makes me smile.  You are really good at playing and pretending with me.  You are a happy person and a good boy who tries hard.  You love your brothers and sisters.  You are fun to tickle with.  I like it when you play with me.  You are fun to laugh with.  You are kind and you enjoy play-fighting with me.

Kennedy:  You are my snuggle bug.  You love to give kisses and hugs.  You like to be my helper.  You are bright and sunny.  You like to serve.  You play so great with Kimble.  You smile like a princess.  You help me do my chores.  I love that you are so happy and kind and sweet.

Kimble:  You give the best tight hugs and squeezes.  You climb and play and wrestle with me and I love it.  You are a healthy and strong boy who makes us happy.  You are sensitive to all of our feelings and our owies.  You like to tackle me when we wrestle.  We love having you in our family.

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That is an amazing self portrait!