Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 13 CHRISTmas: Holding Doors

Today I had a lot of packages to mail at the post office.  I brought Kolby with me so that he could do our service for the day.  He stood at the door and opened it for customers coming or going. It was especially helpful for all the people who were holding lots of packages. It worked out great only having Kolby with me, because nobody needs five kids holding one door open.  He opened the door for about 25 minutes, and it was very busy!

While I was in the long and slow line at the post office, I witnessed another act of service.  One customer didn't have enough cash to mail her package.  She was going to have to leave and come back another time.  Instead, I saw another customer make up the difference, for the amount, so that the package could be mailed.  Good service in action.  I loved being witness to that.


Becky said...

I love all of these things you guys are doing. Such a great way to celebrate Christmas! You are full of great ways to serve.

kendra said...

WOw! I never thought of a month of service. And it can be so simple... good example. Looks like you are having a GREAT month!