Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 14 CHRISTmas: Squirrels and Vacuuming

What do squirrels and vacuuming have in common?  They were both service opportunities for us today.

For the past eight months, we've been trying to 'relocate' the squirrels that have found residence in our attic.  There must have been a family of them, because each time we would catch a squirrel, another one would be seen and heard in our attic.  We borrowed a live trap from a friend.  We also purchased a high-frequency thing that's supposed to annoy vermin so that they stay away.  Didn't work.

So we have been battling this family of squirrels for a while now.  No matter what we did to keep them out of our attic, they still made their home there.  Finally, the traps started working.  We baited them with cinnamon toast crunch and a bit of maple syrup.  They couldn't resist.  One by one, we caught the squirrels.  The Husband and the boys would drive them out into the wild, and release them.  Yesterday, we caught our final squirrel.  The boys gave him service by helping him find a new home.

The other service was done by The Husband.  In preparation for a baby shower that I was hosting, he vacuumed the entire house.  This takes over an hour to do (I know because I've done it many times) and although we vacuum parts of the house everyday, it isn't usually ALL done everyday.  He did the stairs and the corners and the crevices and the neglected areas that the kids don't do.  The floor felt deliciously fluffy and clean.  Thanks babe!

Oh, and do you see that vacuum?  It's a SHARK.  We bought it on Black Friday (livin' large, I tell ya) because our current vacuum, the DYSON, sucks.  I mean, it sucks so bad that it doesn't suck.  We bought it almost four years ago, and it has never been fantastic.  It was a huge disappointment, because I know many people who love their Dyson.  Don't know how we got a crappy one, but we hate it.  Hate it hate it HATE it.  It never picked up anything.  Purely mediocre.  So, in anticipation of Christmas, I asked for a vacuum.  I'm nothing if not practical.  Last night, I started vacuuming with our stupid Dyson, and it quit working.  I mean, it turned itself off mid stroke, and never regained life.

That's it.  Dead Dyson.  We didn't even mourn.  We simply chucked it in the garage and got  out the new-intended-for-Christmas-but-now-is-as-good-a-time-as-ever vacuum.  That's when The Husband took over and he loved it so much, he just kept vacuuming and vacuuming.  It was awesome.


Mags said...

Hmmm, Dyson throws out such a claim. I bet if you wrote them a letter about your experience and the demise of your vacuum, you just might get a new one, of even better, a refund! Hey, it's worth a shot. You never know. If they send a new one, you can see if it was your vacuum that sucked, or the brand.

Jen said...

I have had two Dysons over the years. I wore the first one out after 5 years. That's what happens when you have two hairy dogs. In between I tried the shark and I hated it. I returned it to Costco and went and got a new Dyson. Which I have had for many years now. Everyone seems to have the vacuum preference, sounds like you got a defective Dyson to begin with. A new vacuum is always the best.

courtney said...

i love freshly vacumed floors and newlymopped floors and scrubbed toilets! and i love it more when the husband does it!