Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 15 CHRISTmas: Plate of Cookies

Tonight Heath went to visit all the families he Home Teaches (through church).  He needed six plates of goodies to bring.  So I made three different types of cookies for him.  I'm actually surprised I had the ingredients for three different batches.  Normally we don't have stuff for goodies unless I intentionally buy ingredients for a specific thing.  Tonight I made some lemon crinkle cookies, pomegranate butterscotch chocolate cookies (the recipe called for chocolate chips, but as soon as I dumped them in, I realized they were butterscotch chips...however, it was a great combination and tasted great), and fresh cranberry oat cookies.  The Husband delivered them all to the families, and there were even enough left over that the kids got to partake as well.


Shavonne said...

Wow, I'm impressed you had the ingredients for all three cookies, especially the Chocolate pomegranate butterscotch (weird combo, but I'll take your word that they were good). I bet those families loved the goodies :)

courtney said...

Those cookies look really good and I am not a cookie eater.