Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 17 CHRISTmas: Giving Tree

A few weeks ago, we grabbed some tags off a Giving Tree at our church, which contained the ages of two people for which we would provide a Christmas present for.   We turned in these presents today, so they could be  added to the other presents and sorted for each needy family.  We loved being able to contribute to a "secret santa" for this specific family.  Afterall, the year Kimble was born, and having just gotten home from a difficult hospital stay, someone had done the same thing for us.  It was so meaningful to us, to know that other people were thinking about us and helping to make our holiday a special one.

One other thing we did for service today, was to contribute two groups of items that were being auctioned off at our church Christmas Dinner Party.  It was in effort to raise money for the cubscouts, and all of their activities for the next year (which will include the day camps that my boys love going to). I put together two sets of baby baskets, containing flannel blankets, krinkle toys, chenille burp cloths, and corduroy bibs.  They both sold for a good amount, and so we helped provide for future scouting activities.

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Colleen said...

More great service! The world is sure being blessed by the Nunnelly family this year!