Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 18 CHRISTmas: Hosting Dinner

Tonight we had another family over for dinner.  We made Lasagna Soup, with salad and garlic bread.  We were happy for the company, and the kids enjoyed playing with each other.  Sometimes after our late church, it is a struggle to get dinner made quickly, especially because everyone is so hungry from hours and hours of church.  We had things planned, so we got dinner ready pretty fast.  Our friends told us later, that despite trying to get their own dinner going in the crock pot before church, they didn't get anything prepared.  So it was great that we invited them to dinner.  I'm always happy to feed people!

It was fitting to do service for this family, because EmilieAn is the one who first told me about the month-long CHRISTmas service that they do as a family. I was happy to hop on board, and it's been so rewarding for our family.  We told them that they were our CHRISTmas service for the day, and they all thought it was cool to be the recipients of the type of service that they've been focusing on as well.

Also, I can't resist posting this picture of Mr. Kimble in his church attire.  So cute!

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Shavonne said...

Yummy, wish we could be your guests and fulfill your service needs :)
And Kimble does look ADORABLE, though it looks like a color/pattern blind person dressed him ;) But I like it!