Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 2 CHRISTmas: Serving Each Other

After struggling a bit with our Day 1 of CHRISTmas, we figured we'd do some "in-house" service.  I told the kids to each find something to do for another person, and that we'd report at dinner time.  However, it ended up that by dinnertime, most of us hadn't done a specific service yet.  While discussing it over dinner, we realized that we had served more than we thought.

Kamy did Kennedy's chores for her, which included wiping down and cleaning all three bathrooms. 

Keaton and Kolby helped gather up a bunch of garbage that we had in the garage, and took it to our dumpster.

Kennedy helped her daddy clean the kitchen.

The Husband made dinner for everyone.
I cleaned Mr. Kimble's room and put away his clothes.

Kimble smiled for the camera.

So after discussing what we did, and feeling good about our service, we decided to do more.  The Husband really wanted to make some Russian Tea for us all, so while he was at the store, he picked up some specialty hot chocolate mix, which he delivered to a certain family and told them to stay warm on this chilly night.

While The Husband was out with the boys, Kamy went downstairs with Kimble and set up a car track for him, and helped him vroom his cars around the track.  He loved it.

I spent the time after dinner cleaning the kitchen, which was Kolby's chore.  He hates doing the kitchen, so I thought I'd bring him some cheer and surprise him when he got home.  He loved having an evening off from housework.

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