Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 21 CHRISTmas: Playgroup

It seems like we've been doing a lot of cleaning-type service lately, so we broke the mold by having a playdate for the kids.  We invited anyone who wanted to, to drop off their kids for 2-3 hours while the parents got some last minute errands/Christmas shopping/grocery shopping/napping done.  We had seven kids dropped off, and all of them had a blast playing together.
After a few hours of playtime (in which the house was so quiet with them playing together, that I actually crocheted a hat in the blissful silence) we all made lunch together.  I put Keaton in charge of peeling and slicing the apples (he loves to use the apple-peeler-corer-slicer) and Kolby helped me with the grilled cheese sandwiches.  The other kids helped distribute water and goldfish (the cracker variety, not the fish) and all the kids ate their lunch together.

(12 kids ate 16 grilled cheese sandwiches, 10 apples, and half a bag of goldfish crackers.)

I really enjoyed the service today.  It helped my kids have something fun to do, and it benefited the parents who needed to get their things done as well.  Win Win.

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Dan and Katie said...

WOW! LIke I said, super mom!