Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 24 CHRISTmas: Gift in a Jar

Today we made some delicious Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Sauce. I'm tellin' ya. It was like liquid Reeses.  So amazing. UH-MAZING!  It can be used as an ice-cream topper, or an apple-dipper, or shoveled in by the mouthful (which was the option we chose).

Kolby and The Husband went with me, to deliver these jars to the women I work with at church, in Young Womens.  I'm so grateful for such wonderful leaders that inspire me to do my best, as we teach and direct such a great group of girls. 

I hope they enjoyed this sauce  as much as we did.  (I still have two jars in the fridge...waiting for me to devour them!)


linda said...

Would you please share the recipe for the sauce? I made the meatballs the other day, and my husband loved them and has requested that we have them in the freezer at all times for spaghetti or meatballs subs.. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes..

Colleen said...

Sounds YUMMY!

Patti S. said...

Can I have the recipe, too, please? Sounds fabulous (as all your recipes are)!!!