Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 25 CHRISTmas: FireStation

As much as I like to remain in my Santa Pants all day long on Christmas, I changed my clothes into a pair of jeans (which felt tight....too many helpings of potatoes!) and had Keaton and The Husband accompany me down the street to our Fire Station.

Hot from the oven, was a loaf of of Lemon Cream Cheese Pound Cake, to offer to our Firemen in thanks for their service.  I actually made two loaves, with one intended for the Policemen too, that share the building.  But upon inverting the loaf to get it out of the pan, it sort of fell apart.  Darn it. I knew I should have bought some of those disposable loaf pans.

Anyway, I couldn't bring them crumbles, so I left that loaf at home (which was immediately gobbled up  by all the kids, and The Husband, who proclaimed it his favorite bread ever and couldn't stop eating it...) and wrapped up the non-crumbly loaf to give away.  We'll just have to do something for the Police Station tomorrow.

Keaton practiced what he would say, the entire drive over.  "Our family has been doing service everyday this month.  Today, our service is for you.  Thank you for working on Christmas."  It was really cute to hear him work so hard to get it right.  Once we got there, we rang the buzzer, and the door was immediately opened by four Firemen, who saw Keaton standing there with the loaf and they said "Oh, you brought us a present, eh?"

Keaton, overwhelmed, just nodded his head.  "Is it cake?  Did you make it all by yourself?"  Keaton shook his head "no", still lip-locked.

We stepped in.  The Husband said "That's the best bread ever. Lemon Cream Cheese Pound Cake, and it's hot from the oven."  The Fireman took the loaf gingerly, because it's delicate and hot from the oven, and he said "Thank you!".  We nudged Keaton, which brought him out of his stupor, and he finally gave his intended speech.  The Firemen listened carefully, and with sincerity, thanked Keaton again and wished us a Merry Christmas.  It was pretty cool.  

This service thing is really making me happy.


Colleen said...

Nice. I bet those firemen loved it!

joolzmac said...

The service you have given over the past days has been so heart warming to see. You are teaching your children a very important lesson and your community is reaping the rewards. Well done - I think I will try this next year. Merry Christmas!

Cheers - Joolz