Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 29 CHRISTmas: Doctor's Office

We had some toys that Kimble didn't need in his collection, so instead of giving them to a thrift store, we gathered them up, sanitized them in a tub of bleach water (as seen above) and got them ready for a new home.  We brought the box of toys, which included blocks, trains, chunky toys, superheros, and wild animals, to Kimble's Cardiologist.  There, in his office waiting room, we placed the toys on the shelf, for all the patients and families to use during their time there.

Since we are there often, we've noticed that besides the train table, the office waiting room didn't have anything else for the kids to play with.  Now, there is enough toys for many kids to enjoy time after time.  We really enjoyed this service, and the office staff was very grateful (and surprised) at the donation.  We also gathered up some books to donate, for the kids to enjoy too.  We had chunky picture books for the babes, and chapter books for the older kids.

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