Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 31 CHRISTmas: Quarters

Today we had planned to leave quarters by the candy vending machines in the mall.   We had hoped some kids would get a fun surprise when they realized they could get their own jumbo bubble gum, instead of asking their parents for quarters!  However, we arrived at the mall too late, and it was closed up early for the night.  Guess there aren't any parties going on in the mall on New Years Eve.

So we drove to the nearest gas station that had a vacuum machine, and we left three dollars worth of quarters right next to the slot.  Hope someone enjoys having a free session!

After we were done, the kids automatically asked "What's our service for tomorrow?"  I told them we were done with our month-long service, because tomorrow is a new month.  "Oh", the kids all sighed.  "That's too bad."

We will continue to do service for each other, and look for ways to serve others, but it won't be as documented as our month-long tribute to CHRISTmas was.  It's been an amazing month, and I think we accomplished our goal to bring CHRIST back in CHRISTMAS.

Thanks for following along, on our journey.  We sure loved it, and hope it brought a smile to your face as well.  Happy New Year!!

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Shavonne said...

this was such a great way to celebrate CHRISTmas this year! I loved hearing about it and it definately got me thinking more about the Savior. Thank you!