Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 9 CHRISTmas: Toilets

Last week, The Husband decided what our service would be for Friday.  We arranged it with the right people, and looked forward to it (in a weird way).  We planned on cleaning toilets; but not just any toilets.  Specifically, the bathrooms in our church building.

Every week, someone in our congregation signs up to help clean the church building.  Although there is a building coordinator who is over this, it is a way for all of us to do service.  After all, serving each other is something we do best.  This cleaning is normally done on Saturday mornings.  In order for our service to be two-fold, we did the cleaning Friday afternoon.  That way, we not only taught our kids about how to do some great service for the people who attend church in our building, we also did some service for whoever signed up to clean the building the following morning.  I hope we put a smile to their faces, when they realized that the bathrooms (which were pretty stinky) were already done for them!


Colleen said...

When we clean the church we usually do the bathrooms too, although they aren't usually too bad. I love that someone was able to arrive on Saturday morning to find a good chunk of the hard job had been done!

Shavonne said...

Awesome! I bet they were thrilled. This is such a great thing, and I love hearing about your service!