Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Denver Dynamites

A week or two ago we had the opportunity to join our fellow Mended Little Heart families for an evening of indoor soccer.  The coach of the Denver Dynamites (part of a professional indoor arena soccer league) is part of our heart support group, as he is an adult survivor of CHD and is currently on the heart transplant list, awaiting a new heart.  He organized a fun event for our families to go to.

The evening involved us participating in the pre-game show, as well as halftime.  Before the game, we all stood out on the field and shook hands with each of the team's members.  Kimble can't resist a high-five, so he happily held up his little hand and waiting until the team players came over to high-five him, and then said "Yeah!" each time.  So cute.

Next, The Husband sang the National Anthem to kick start the game.  How was my husband picked to do this, you may ask.  Simple.  I volunteered him.  A few months ago, at one of our meetings, it was discussed that this event might happen, and Chuck (the coach for Denver Dynamites who is part of our heart group) asked if there was anyone who was good at singing.  My hand immediately went up and I motioned towards The Husband.  "He does! He has an amazing voice.  But I warn you, if you hear him sing, you might just fall in love with him.  Just a bit."  So it was  decided that Heath would sing the National Anthem, which he was happy to do because he loves singing as much as I love hearing him sing.  Here's a picture of him singing.  I have a video, which I keep trying to upload.  I'll try again after I post this post.

Then we settled in to watch the game.  The indoor arena was surrounded by tall plexiglass that you could see through, but was quite solid.  The players played off the wall, throughout the game, as the ball bounced, seemingly, right towards you. 

Kimble tried to make a getaway one time, and ran straight for the field.  However, the deceptively-invisible glass wall stopped his progress dead.  He recovered quickly enough, and we kept him in our arms most of the time after that.

After the game, we got a group picture with both teams.  It was a fun night, and we were happy to be so involved in the entire process.


courtney said...

That sounds like such a fun night, very cool that you got to be a part of it and that Heath got to share his talents.

kdaygirl said...

Heath sang beautifully! What a fun time for the kids too!

Colleen said...

What a great outing for the family! It sounds like an incredible night!