Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goals for 2012

I feel so strongly that I'll accomplish my goals (resolutions) this year, that I feel the need to proclaim them out loud.  After all, isn't there some statistic which states that a resolution written down, or said out loud, has a greater chance of getting accomplished?  Related to that, I believe that less than 10% of resolutions are actually accomplished.  I want to be one of the few who succeed.

So, in no particular order, here are my resolutions.

1. Lose 30 more pounds through eating right and exercising.

2. Say prayers and read scriptures daily.

3.  Be a more loving wife and a more patient mother.

4.  Become an extreme couponer (I'm so excited about this) and thus build up my family's food storage and save money.

5.  Create photobooks for my kids, for Christmas.

6. Make another cookbook (after finding a venue to provide the lowest cost) before Kimble has his next surgery.

7. Successfully start a garden in our back yard.

8. Clean out and organize the garage so that at least one car can have a parking space.

9.  Take lots of pictures...including pictures of these three cute boys!


Cynthia said...

Great goals! Have a low bar for success for your garden. I tried and enjoyed it for a while, but I needed to redefine success :) I was happy I tried.

Karen and Matt said...

Awesome Goals!!! You can make it happen. That's one thing I need to add is growing a successful garden. Good luck with your Goals! =)

Renny's little things said...

Good luck with your goals... I think number 3 must nearly be complete...seems to me the love you share with your family would weigh a ton
Cheers from Aus
those boys are so cute hugs to all

Tara said...

Awesome Goals! I have LOVED reading your blog, beginning with your Christmas service. Don't ever give up blogging; you keep me going! Thank you!!!

Jennifer Magreevy said...

I seriously cannot wait until you release another cookbook. :) I've used the first one so much, pages are falling out and I'm going to take it up to Office Depot and have them bind it. :) And by the way, you look GREAT!!! The pic you had at the top of the page really shows you're doing phenomenally with weight loss. Its one of my goals this year...and oh how I wish my goal was ONLY 30 pounds. :) Oh well, gotta start somewhere!

Colleen said...

Those goals are fantastic and you are certainly a gal that I know can achieve them!

Anonymous said...

How is it, other than me switching to wordpress and then getting ridiculously busy, that I have managed to go MONTHS without reading your blog?
I was in Colorado last week and thought about you. And I pan down on my Wordpress blog reader (not nearly as handy as my old sidebar) and there you are.
I went back and skimmed your previous posts and got to the one about turning off comments.
Yikes! Don't!!
Since September, when I went into a blog funk when a friend's 12 year old son drowned in a freak accident, and having moved my blog and just basically fallen off the map, I get soooo few comments.
Then I have to reevaluate why I blog. And check my ego at the door… er… keyboard. If I blog and no one comments, am I still a blogger?
Ummm. Yes. I won't be getting any groovy corporate sponsors anytime soon… but that's okay with me.
At least that's what I tell myself.
I've missed you and hope that you have a healty, productive and blessed 2012. Praying for your heart as you journey toward Kimble's surgery in the Fall. It's never easy, but then if we were never pressed, we'd think we had this thing called life. I need Jesus. Seriously. Too bad I have to be reminded of it all the time.