Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kimble's Activities

Kimble loves peanut butter.  In fact, he loves it so much, that he can't be bothered by masking the taste.  For example, before, he loved peanut butter sandwiches.  Now, if I put it on bread, he gets mad at me.  Straight out of the jar is preferable for him, but he gets in trouble when he gets caught. This week, I caught him sneaking fist fulls of peanut butter, and as soon as he saw me, he put his hands up in the air for surrender.

Tools.  If there is a tool to be found, Kimble has it.  Pliers.  Screwdrivers.  Hammers.  Drills.  Knives.  No matter how hard I try to keep these things out of reach, Kimble finds a way. He doesn't really do anything with them.  He just likes to hold it.

Kimble wants to write all over the walls and doors. He can't resist any clean surface.

Although he likes to have a fork when he eats, he still doesn't mind when I feed him his dinner.

Kimble yells or grunts his preferences. He still doesn't use a whole lot of words, and tries to get away with just grunting his request.  He is very specific in his demands, so if I interpret his grunt the wrong way, he gets very upset.

Escaping the house is Kimble's most desirable request.  Then, once outside, he will run away from you every chance he gets.  This happened the other day, and he ran into the street before I could catch him. I'm so thankful the car in the road stopped when they did, or Kimble would have been hit.

We switched Kimble's crib into a daybed, and he transitioned beautifully.  He can climb in and out of his bed, and he loves it.  We don't have any toys in his room, so there is nothing for him to do except go to sleep, when we put him in his room.  He takes a two hour nap everyday.

Kimble has two blankets that he loves.  They are both very soft.  He likes to carry them around throughout the house, and often drags them around like Linus off of Charlie Brown.  Kimble also likes us to wrap one around him, and put the other over his head.  He looks like Mary, when we do this, but he loves it.

We know when Kimble is up to no good, when he's pushing a chair throughout the house.  He'll push a chair through three rooms, just to get where he wants to be, so he can climb up on it and reach whatever he wants to get.  When we take away his chair, he gets very upset.

Kimble doesn't like to wear pants, so most of the time, around the house, he only has a shirt and a diaper on.  If we put pants on him, he almost immediately pulls them off.

He hates it when I brush his teeth.

He can't be bothered with conversation or loves, when his favorite show is on.  He'll ignore you, or grunt his displeasure, if you get in his view of the tv.   He loves Backyardigans, Curious George, and Dinosaur Train.

Kimble  discovered baseball hats the other week, and now loves to wear them.  He looks pretty cute.


runningfan said...

He sounds like a very normal two-year-old to me!

Hey, I'm just getting ready to put a kid's tool table on Craigslist. Are you interested? I'm going to ask $30 for the table, which has all kinds of tools, many of them battery-powered that make realistic sounds. If you want it, I'll save the trouble of posting. I also have another bag of clothes and a few diaper wipes containers for you...

Colleen said...

A busy, perfectly functioning 2-year-old boy!!! And SO cute in that blankie!