Friday, January 6, 2012

Pancakes For Dessert

I saw these amazingly tempting Pomegranate White Chocolate Pancakes on Pinterest, and decided that sometime over the Christmas Holiday, I would make them for my family. We made them Christmas Eve morning, and they definitely met our expectations.  Although there isn't any oil that goes into the recipe, and the sugar is only a few teaspoons for the whole recipe, they definitely feel like you are splurging on a dessert.  The white chocolate chips help with the richness of the pancake, and you don't even need syrup to go on top.

Don't be afraid of seeding a pomegranate.  The trick is to cut it in quarters, then get a big bowl of water.  While submerging the pomegranate quarters under the water, simply invert the slices while breaking away the connective structure an releasing the seeds with your fingers.  Because it's underwater, it doesn't damage or pop the seeds.  Then, the connective white parts will float to the top and the seeds will sink to the bottom.   Easy.  Plus, you won't get pomegranate juice staining your fingers, kitchen towels, or counter tops.   One pomegranate will yield enough for this recipe, and I even doubled the recipe for my family, but still only used one pomegranate-worth of seeds, while still having enough leftover for garnish (not necessary, but nice for the picture!).

White Chocolate Pomegranate Pancakes

2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
2/3 cup low fat milk (I used buttermilk with excellent results)
1 tsp pomegranate juice
4 tsp brown sugar
1 cup oats
1 cup wheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2/3 cup pomegranate seeds (approximately)
2/3 cup white chocolate chips

Seed your pomegranate. When first cutting your pomegranate, you'll have some juice that comes out from cutting through some seeds.  Reserve that juice (and intentionally make more juice if you don't have enough) and add it in with your wet ingredients, as listed above.

Combine together your wet ingredients and mix well.  In a separate bowl, combine your dry ingredients (oats, flour, baking powder and salt).  Combine the wet and dry ingredients together and stir well to combine. (At this point, depending on your altitude, you may need to add more milk or more flour, to get it to a good pancake batter consistency.)

Stir in pomegranate seeds and white chocolate chips.  Coat your griddle pan with cooking spray or butter, and pour about 1/3 cup of batter onto griddle.  Flip over when underneath side is nicely browned.  Serve with a pat of butter and a sprinkle of seeds for garnish.

Again, I doubled this for my family, and just used one pomegranate-worth of seeds, and it was plenty.  Also, since it was so rich and filling, my kids only ate one each, which provided for some great leftovers for the next few days of breakfasts (or desserts).


Maggie said...

Okay. Seriously. Those look delicious!

Karen and Matt said...

Oh wow, Yummy! I need to try this one!

Queen of Chaos said...

Yummy! Looks beautiful, too.

Ok, so we coupon, too! I use Savvy most of the time. I think it's covers CO, but not sure. Make sure if you get newspapers, to go through a coupon website, like the one I mentioned, since it will save you a ton of money of the subscription. We get 5 newspapers every Sunday and it's like $16 a mo, I believe. If we went to the newspaper company, they'd make us pay for the whole year at once. Dumb.

And I know how you feel about the comments not left on the blog. I don't get many comments, either these days. I think the "blogging" isn't as popular? But, also, for me I don't go to a lot of other peoples blogs and leave comments. So they don't come see me very often. I see people visiting, but people don't leave comments. thanks for commenting on my blpg, I appreciate it!

My heart is with your family, when it comes to Kimble especially. You have very valid, and motherly feelings that will always be strong. I hope he lives a long lie with us, too!!! He's adorable!

Shavonne said...

Looks awesome! Want to know another way to seed a pomegranate? Cut it in half, hold it over a bowl and tap the rind with a wooden spoon... It is amazing how easy and quick you get the seeds out that way!

kdaygirl said...

I cant believe that you really like pomegranates....... I figured we ate enough of those that summer on the ranch to last a lifetime! I just cant even bring myself to eat one, however I think I might try this recipe with craisins!!! I especially like how healthy they are without skimping on the good stuff!!

Ryan said...

I have been a total slacker!!! These pancakes look awesome and I was just sifting through your recipe book for my two week plan. . . That is one of my resolutions. Can't wait to make your apricot meatballs.

I've been thinking so much about you and your family. We love and miss you all so much. We pray for Kimble and his heart. I'm sure that has been a constant thought and worry even if you try to put it in the back of your mind. Love you Shaina and hope you get some peace and quiet to just sit and feel my love coming your way. Love, Nicki

Ali said...

Would love to follow you on pinterst. Would you consider adding a button.

Julie said...

Shaina, thank you for posting all these amazing recipes! I use them all the time! I tried to comment on your meatballs recipe, but I don't think it went through.

And, on that note, one reason I don't comment more often is because I have problems with logging into my google account for some reason. It is endlessly making me change my password. So, I often don't login to comment just because I don't want to have to hassle with changing my password again. Anyway, there's my little rant along with an apology for not showing my face more often around here. :)

And finally, my heart goes out to you with your Kimble worries. Just today I called to schedule Adam's yearly cardiology follow up, and the receptionist said, "You were supposed to bring him back here 6 months ago- how did this get over looked?" I admit that even though Adam is totally healthy and fine, I panicked a little bit when she said that. You just never know (although I do know that they told me to bring him back in a year, so somewhere there was a communication breakdown). And we'll keep praying that all goes well for Kimble.

Now this comment is long enough. :) Thanks again!