Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pinewood Derby Winner

The time for our cubscout pinewood derby came around again.  It seemed like we just had a derby, but I guess since it was the Space derby, it is different.  As parents, we were a bit derbied out, so we gave the full responsibility to the boys to get their cars ready.

We don't have any woodworking tools at home, so they had the power of a pocket knife, to create their cars.  The worked long hours in the garage, sculpting their cars to their desired shape.  Then, they took scraps of sandpaper and made their cars smooth.   Finally, they got into my craft paints and decorated their works of art.  I felt a little bad for them, only having a pocket knife to work with, but they loved every minute of it.  Keaton can't wait to earn a special cubscout badge so he have his dad follow through on the promise of his very own pocket knife. 

A few quarters and washers were placed strategically, as weights on the underneath sides of the cars.  Two long tracks decorated the room.  A dozen cars awaited their turn down the long raceway.  A dozen boys sat anxiously awaiting their turn.  Youngsters played at the far end of the room.  Muffins were consumed.  Adults talked of this and that.  It seemed that the stage was set to get some winners.

Kolby's car only won one race.  Most of the time he sat quietly, watching race after race.  I felt sad for him, but when I got his attention, he seemed happy enough.   This was his first derby, and he had great expectations.  That one race that he came in first, he was thrilled. I was thrilled for him.  Go Kolby!  He nicknamed his car: The Future Bumblebee. 

Keaton's car beat our the slick-styled cars race after race.  I was surprised, each time his name was called as being the winner of the race.  He nicknamed his car: The Future.  He was sure that it was ahead of it's time, and would surely take the winning spot.

As the awards drew near, we knew Keaton was in the running for the top position.  It was down to the final race.  A race against a boy named Adam.  He had a very cool-looking car.  Whoosh!  The cars flew by.  Who won?  Too close to tell.  Let's race again.  Whoosh!  Who won this time?  Too close to tell again.  Let's try it one more time.  Whoosh!  The winner?  Adam...by a hair.

So the awards were handed out. Kolby got the "best handmade design" award.  Keaton got the fastest car award for the Webelos.  He was happy with that, but then we found out that Adam competed the year prior, in the regional derby, and therefore, couldn't compete again.  By default, Keaton gets to go to regionals.  He couldn't believe it!

The boys definitely learned to take joy in the journey.  They worked hard making their derbies, and they enjoyed the race.  It was a good day.


amanda said...

I remember doing this with my church group as a kid. It's a great childhood memory. I'm so glad your boys had a good time. Good luck to Keaton is regionals.

Mags said...

There is a brother in our ward that built a race track that takes out subjectivity. It has sensors all connected to his track that he connects to his computer. I wonder if your son would have won that final race... I'm glad he gets to continue competing. Good luck to him!

Nicki said...

"The Future"! What a great name. Way to go Keaton and Kolby. That's a very serious accomplishment for the whole family and his face in that last picture says it all.;)

Jude said...

Good Luck Keaton in the Regionals. And well done Kolby for the race you won. And both your cars look great - especially as you used a pocket knife to make them. Jude.x

linda said...

Way to go Kolby and Keaton. Keaton good luck in Regionals.

Becky said...

I like the creative names for the cars. The cars look great too. Great job!