Monday, February 20, 2012

Ear Infections, Screaming, and Kisses

Poor Kimble has been battling some sickness lately.  Last week he developed a terrible cough and he had a fever.  He was cranky and needy and so I took him in to the doctor.  Turns out, in addition to that, he had an ear infection too.   So we got him started on antibiotics.  After a few days, he feels better now, but boy oh boy is he developing some other issues.

Kimble likes to run away from us, when we call him.  Pretty much whatever we say, he does the opposite.  His favorite hiding spot is underneath the kitchen table, which makes it hard to grab him unless I get under the table as well.

He wants to throw a fit over everything, which usually results in him whacking my lip/jaw/teeth/eye/nose/cheek/head with the back of his head. Ouch.

Kimble likes to torment Georgie Kennedy. It's almost comical to watch how he tries to harass her.

Throwing.  Throwing Throwing.  He now wants to throw everything, and it makes it very hard to keep things from getting broken.

Relating to throwing, church functions are so hard to endure.  This Sunday, he took his train toys and threw them across the pew, and I'm not sure how the nice lady sitting in front of us didn't get hit and require stitches.  She must've had some guardian angels working for her that day.  I can't believe the trains didn't hit her.  

Screaming...oh, the screaming.  He wants to yell over everything.  It's hard. I completely understand that he struggles with speech, and gets very frustrated that he can't communicate what he wants..but the screaming is really really getting to me.

Oh, but then comes the kisses. Kimble likes to give me a kiss each night, as he's getting tucked into bed.  He even makes the perfect kiss noise as his lips touch mine.  He smiles sweetly, and then he puckers up again for another kiss.

Hugs.  Kimble gives the best hugs when I'm getting him dressed.  He squeezes me at every opportunity, as we are putting his arms through his shirt sleeves, or pulling up his pants, or zipping up his Mr.Roger's sweater.  I love those squeezes.

Meatloaf. Meatballs. Meatloaf. Meatballs. He loves them.  "More!  More!" he says.  Then he gets them and he says "Yeah!"

"Ma!"  "Ma!"  He yells for me throughout the house.  I love hearing it.

He no longer is satisfied sitting in his high chair. He wants to eat at the table now with the rest of us.  He doesn't want a booster seat either. He's trying to be such a big boy.

Kimble tells everyone "hi" that he sees, and when they reply back, he'll begin a long jibberish conversation with them, which leads them to stare at me and say "I didn't understand any of that, but he sure does like to talk!"

I don't clip Kimble's fingernails.  It's curious to me.  They simply don't grow long enough to require trimming.  Maybe a heart thing? I don't know.  However, it's nice not having to battle the stillness that trimming nails requires.

The Backyardigans has become his most favorite show, even above Dinosaur Train.

He is learning the sounds that animals make, so when we say "Kimble, say Dog!"  he'll reply with a "ruff ruff".  He loves to see the trains go by, in our town, and always yells "Choo choo!"  He also has quite a few signs that he says, in sign language, "thirsty" being the most commonly used. He loves to drink water.

Kimble's next cardiology appointment is this week.  I'm most interested to see if there has been any changes.


Jen said...

He and Jakob are so much alike in almost every way. Good Luck. I hope he is finally feeling better. No fun to be so sick.

Jude said...

He sounds like a perfectly normal 2 year old! :-) Have you tried just leaving him when he hides? I know it could be inconvenient, but it must look, to him, like you are playing games?
And one of mine didn't talk 'properly' until they were about 5! And then it was like he'd been practising and saving it all up - he's hardly stopped since! :-D
Good luck with his appointment; hope it all goes well.

Renny's little things said...

I agree with thr ladies above "he sounds Normal" to me. Isaac (26months) screams all the time if he is not screaming squealing at a very high pitch!!! Throwing kicking punching but no biting. He realised pretty quick how much trouble he would get in if he did it again..
Your son is beautiful and a credit to you. Keep up your good work hope all goes well next week.
Cheers from Aus
Geniene xxxx

Becky said...

Oh, the fun phases of the two year old. Sounds like he is hitting all of them. Hope his ears and other stuff get better soon. Good luck at the cardio. appointment.

Colleen said...

Two-year-olds are so precious for all their sweetness and so frustrating for all their drive for independence, aren't they?! Kimble sounds like he's doing just what he should be! Have you had his speech checked out with your school district? That's where we went for Tommy and they bill our insurance, but once that runs out the services continue no matter what.

Renny's little things said...

how did Kimbles appointment go?
Cheers from Aus