Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yo Yo Weather

Our weather in Colorado is pretty crazy.  One day it's 10 degrees and snowing, and the very next day it's 60 degrees and lovely.

But I love it.


Jude said...

Wow!!! Weird! That first photo is like the weather we are getting here in the UK this week. The bottom one we are going to have to wait at least 3 months for. Jude.x

Ryan said...

We haven't had winter, yet. I shouldn't complain though because it has been great! My dad was a water master growing up and he taught us all to worry if there isn't any snow that will become water for the farmers. I always just have to worry about something. . .:) When will I get to talk to you.? This is Nicki

Colleen said...

Yes. Crazy!