Monday, March 19, 2012


Keaton is such a good boy. He tries so hard to be good and make other's happy.  He recently has been spending time with his buddy Brenner, at church. They have a blast together in cubscouts, and Keaton often walks the halls with Brenner at his side, wearing his friend's suit coat or sweatshirt.  (I thought only girls shared clothes like that!)

Keaton has been proud of his accomplishments in school, and has really been working on his writing skills.  Previously, when his teacher has given out writing assignments, Keaton has turned in work that is very condensed and to the point.  His teacher wants him to expound on his writing topics.  Last week, Keaton wrote four pages from one writing prompt, and was very proud of himself, especially because his deskmate Alaina, who apparently rules the class with her detailed writing prompts, only wrote one page.

Keaton asked me last weekend, if he could start reading the Harry Potter series.  I made Kamy wait until she was almost 11, and so Keaton has had to wait too. However, I didn't really have a reason why he shouldn't read them, especially since he's seen all the movies. So I said "sure" and before I could even finish saying the word, Keaton was running down the stairs to get the first book.  Since then, he's had his nose in the pages and is thoroughly engrossed in it's writings.  So much so, that I have found him trying to read at the dinner table, when he's brushing his teeth, and most especially, in his bed after I've called for lights out.  However, it's hard to punish for such academic exuberance.  I quite like to read too.


Jen said...

My son read the HP series when he was 9...only took him about 6 months to go through all the books... left me shaking my head.... and broke! I let him read Hunger Games and now he is 11 and doesn't understand why he can't go to the movie with me! (Mommy has to pre-view it just might be code-word for Mommy wants to see it twice!)

Colleen said...

He sure is a fantastic kid!