Thursday, March 22, 2012

Livin' the 2 year old life

Kimble is learning and growing and accomplishing so much lately.  He longs to go outside and play; to be free of holding hands or restraints of any kind.  If he makes it outside, he runs for it!  Barriers or boundaries mean nothing to Kimble.  He will try to run into the street, walk off a platform at the park play structure, take off in the opposite direction you are trying to go, and pay no attention when his is called back, or encouraged to stop! danger!.  In essence, he is a two year old!

He doesn't get very many opportunities  to play outside, but I'm hoping to change that. Now  that our weather has turned more mild, I'd like to take him out more.   His doctor encourages us to let him test his limits, and what better way than by playing in a park or a big field, or walking behind him on a trail through the meadows.

Meanwhile, he has a strong imagination and he certainly enjoys himself at home. His newest obsession includes hats.  Hats of any variety. He'll wear them and instantly become the appropriate character. He didn't know for sure what sound to make with this big sunhat he found, but when he puts on a baseball cap,  he pretends he's playing a sport.  When he finds a cowboy hat, he says "Yeeehaaw!" and when he finds a pirate hat, he'll say "Aaarrrh!"

We still have to hide the markers, paint, glue, crayons, pens, pencils, and watercolors from him.  We can always tell when he found something, because he'll color his hands and as he makes his way through the house, he'll leave his handprint as evidence that he was into something  naughty.

Kimble now recognizes when he has pooped his diaper, and he'll come to me, turn around so his back is facing me, and say "Stinky!"  I'm hoping to be able to potty train him this summer, once he is more able to recognize the process of it all.

We have done away with the high chair we had, since Kimble refused to sit in it any longer.  He would just dump his food on the ground, and when we got him down from his chair, he'd climb up to the kitchen chair and try to eat off someone else's plate.  Plus, he was eating his other meals at the table, when all the other kids were at school, so it was an easy adjustment for him.  However, he refuses to be boosted up via a booster seat or an old phone book. He either stands (and is way too tall) or he sits) and is way too small).  Nevertheless, he is happy to be part of the family, around the dinner table.

Kimble still likes to search out his own snacks.  He'll push the chair to the counter and get whatever he sees. His favorite by far, is oranges.  He'll eat the whole thing, and not even wait for me to peel it.

There are some foods that he is so happy to eat.  Pumpkin Pancakes (see sidebar, under recipes) is at the top of the list, second to meatloaf. Yum.

He loves playing games with his siblings. Their most frequent game is like tag, but him and Georgie will run back and forth across  the main level, trying to beat each other to the opposite wall.  Kimble finds it thrilling, and all the kids are so careful to run slow enough for Kimble to stay caught up.  Plus, it gives him great exercise.

Another fun game for any toddler, but most especially for Kimble, is  to play "yeehaw" with his big brothers, or if he's super lucky that day, with his daddy.  Heath will get on all fours and let Kimble mount and dismount, all the while whooping like a cowboy.

He isn't satisfied until his horsie turns into a bucking bronco, and Kimble holds on for dear life until his horsie gets down on all fours.  Then...they do it again.

Kimble has started taking an  interest in brushing his  teeth. Up until now, he fought me every time I brushed his teeth. Now, he voluntarily opens up and says "aah" and "eeh" as I brush his teeth.

"Shoes!" Shoes!"  He loves to have us put his shoes on.  He loves hearing/seeing the trains go by.  He likes to give kisses, and likes even better to make them perfect kisses centered exactly on the mouth.  He loves to drink water, and loves even more to take a whole mouthful and then spit it on the ground.  Baths are exciting to him, and he even likes getting washed.

That's what has been going on with Kimble lately!  He's a busy boy and I love seeing him learn more every day.


Melanna said...

Hi Shaina,
Have you heard of a Kaboost? I got one for my daughter and we love it! It's basically a big X (with springs and swivel so it can adjust to any chair) and it boosts a chair from the bottom (you pop a chair leg in each corner of the X). It's just like sitting in a real chair, but a better height for the little ones. If you flip it over one side is taller and one slightly shorter. I found mine on a local Craigslist type site. Might be a good solution for a less messy meal and still have the big kid feel.
Hope you're having a great day!

Kadie Dahl said...

What a cutie! I can't believe he is 2! It seems just like yesterday he was born!