Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break {equals} Spring Cleaning

I have big plans for our Spring Break this year.  It's time to teach the kids about Spring Cleaning 101.  I told them that if they worked for me half the day, everyday, that they would  have  the other half to do fun things.

We started a day early last week, by thoroughly cleaning and organizing our basement, including my sewing area and the board game area, which had gotten hugely unorganized.  After we were done, Keaton said "This place looks amazing, mom!  We should keep it clean like this all the time."  Ya think?

After a breakfast of cheerios, for the kids, in which Kimble thoroughly enjoyed eating/slurping it, it was time for cleaning out the garage (or at least making a big dent) and cleaning out the van.  All the kids, even Kimble, joined me in the garage to clean and sort through all the junk.  Today's mission was simple cleaning and organizing.  I hope, later in the week, to actually sort through the bins of stuff and get rid of most of it.

We made a big garbage pile, and a big donation pile, and the kids discovered a lot of forgotten treasures. I found a few pairs of pants that might fit me now.  I also discovered the ice chest that The Husband had used to brine our Thanksgiving turkey was still filled with the brining liquid and the turkey juices.  If I had thrown up into the liquid, it wouldn't have made it worse.  I was so completely disgusted as I called The Husband, and explained how gross that was and how it was  That ice chest will now be discarded at the dump, with all the other oversized crap we had in the garage.

While I was finishing up the garage, Kennedy had brought inside a huge bag of flour that was supposed to have gone in the garbage.  It wasn't long before Kimble found the bag and realized what a fun mess it would make.  He was not very happy when I found him.  Correction...he was happy...until I found him. Then he was in much despair.

With the kids only having two months left of school, I've noticed a trend in all the boy's pants.  They all look like this, with  huge holes in the knees.  Anyone else have the same issues?  It's so hard to patch the knees (I can't really fit the legs through to sew it on my machine) but I don't want to buy them all new pants.


Kadie Dahl said...

I hated spring cleaning! My dad would make Saturday's cleaning day and it about ruined my whole day ;) You should turn their jeans into shorts. That way you wont have to buy them shorts for the summer : )

Jen Sue Wild said...

Have fun spring cleaning we are doing the same along with packing everything up for the new house.

Becky said...

I love spring cleaning, but I don't think the kids do. Sounds like your kids are being good sports though. Enjoy your clean organized house! Funny picture of Kimble as well. Quite the mess, but it does look fun.

Lydia Davis said...

I love this idea for the jeans. It's a friend of mine in my new ward.