Monday, March 19, 2012

Turning 12

Kamy's birthday began with a surprise for her the day before her actual birthday.  I took her to a beauty school to get her hair cut in a salon for the first time.  She has been telling me for a while that she wanted her hair cut, but in the end, she ended up only getting the bottom trimmed, and a few long layers put in.  Above is the before picture.  Below is the after picture, after I curled it.   We brought Kennedy along with us, for a girl outing.  She pleaded with me to get her hair cut as well, but this was Kamy's day.  So instead, Kennedy watched every cut that was made, and essentially got in the way more than anything, but her enthusiasm for her sister was wonderful to see.

Kamy has been so anxious to turn 12 years old.  The biggest reason was that she got to graduate from primary, at church, and now gets to join with 'the big girls' in young womens.  She is now part of the 12-18 year old group at church, and with this provides many more opportunities for activities, socializing, and she also gets to join the other girls at Girls Camp this summer, which she talks nonstop about.

The day after her birthday, as she was receiving her award in primary, all the young women came in to collect her and bring her back with them to young womens.  As Kamy's mom, I thoroughly appreciated this act of acceptance on their part, and it was obvious what it meant to Kamy.  As a leader in Young Women's, it was with pride and humility that I witnessed these girls love and support for eachother, and I was honored that I had the opportunity to work so closely with them each week.

 Back to the day of the birthday, Kamy had requested having a Tea Party. She wanted two friends from our old stomping grounds to come, as well as all of the Young Women  from church.  I explained to Kamy that most of these girls were many years older than her, and might not want to come.  The tea party was also arranged quite frantically and sort of last minute, so I advised her also that these girls probably have other plans for that Saturday. Nevertheless, we made up some invitations and Kamy passed them around to the girls at church.  Most of them said they could come, and were quite excited about it.

That afternoon, Kamy had nine girlfriends who came to celebrate her birthday. Some arrived late, so not everyone is in these initial pictures.  They began the tea party by giving each other facials, made with basic home ingredients.

While they waited the allotted 30 minutes for their facials to set, they gave each other manicures and pedicures with the selection of nail polishes and nail stickers we provided.

After facials were rinsed off, and makeup applied by two of the girls, (and after more girls showed up), everyone gathered around the table for the 'tea party' portion of the party.  We served delicate sandwiches, quiche, fruit, cookies, and juice, served on glass plates and teacups.  They took their time eating and socializing.  Their laughter was contagious.

All of the girls were very thoughtful with their gifts for Kamy, who received many girly things to make her look pretty. From earrings, hair accessories, artwork, and makeup, Kamy was so appreciative of her gifts.

After the girls left the party, we spent a few quiet hours at home, and then we had our own party for Kamy (which probably paled in comparison).  Kamy wanted sausage penne for dinner, which she has requested every birthday dinner for the past 5 years, regardless of the fact that we have it at least once a month.  It's her favorite.  For dessert, she wanted apple crisp with ice cream.

We took our standard birthday family picture, and then let her open her presents from us.  I got her a new book that had three separate fairy-tale type stories in it, rewritten in a modern way.  I told  her I wanted to read it when she was done!  She also got some elastic headbands.

Her other presents she knew about.  After her haircut, I took her to Ross to get some new church clothes.  She is so tall and skinny, that it's been hard for me to find appropriate church wear for her.  Since she was now a 'young women' we needed to help her look  the part. So together, we found a few dresses and skirts (in the junior section...not the little girl section!) that would complete a few outfits for church. She was very happy with her new clothes, and seemed to like the fact that she helped pick  them out, and thus knew what her birthday presents would be.

I must say, Kamy is definitely looking like a young lady now. She seems to have blossomed overnight and isn't such a little girl anymore. There is an air of maturity about her. She longs to be accepted by the older girls and is thrilled with being a part of young women at church.  I'm very happy for Kamy. I think it was a great birthday for her.


Adri said...

Bitter sweet, but so wonderful to see beautiful Kamy growing up!

Colleen said...

What a beautiful girl, and what a wonderful way to celebrate her! She will make a perfect addition to your young women!

Shavonne said...

I can't believe she's twelve already! What a fun day for her, and I bet she felt super grown up!