Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Family Walk

We had beautiful weather for spring break. One evening, after dinner, we took an impromtu walk around out neighborhood and we ended up between the high school and the grade school.  With big fields full of hills and trees, the kids had a blast running around, and it was a bonus to be able to let Kimble go wherever he wanted to go, and not worry about him running into traffic!  Keaton had also brought the second Harry Potter book, which he is currently reading and simply cannot put down, even at dinner, because he is so involved in the story.  (I love that!)  He said "Mom, why didn't you tell me that books were so interesting!"  Despite telling him that very thing, multiple times, it was something he had to figure out...and I'm glad he finally has!

Very quickly, we noticed that the big sprinklers were on, covering about half the property that we were playing at.  I really didn't care one way or another if the kids played in them.  Although it was a bit cooler temperature by that time, and a bit windy, I figured if it was something the kids thought was fun, then they would enjoy it even if they got a big chilled.  Besides, we were only a block away from home, if things got too cold.  For a while, they did stay away from the sprinklers, and had fun chasing each other around the hilltops.

Oh, but then Kimble couldn't resist the temptation.  Here  he is, checking me out to see if I'm going to stop him from running to the sprinklers.

Looking back, I don't think he could believe that I hadn't run after him yet.

After he played a bit, where he got sprayed pretty good, Kolby rescued him and brought him back up the hill.

But he still wanted to have fun, so right after this picture was taken, he escaped Kolby's grasp and ran back down the hill, towards the monster sprinklers!

He got a bit more wet, but he enjoyed every minute of it.  We are totally going to keep track of the sprinkler schedule, and on hot summer evenings, we are going to round up all our friends for a sprinkler party, courtesy of the high school sprinklers.

Then the sprinklers turned off. We figured we had only a few seconds to escape from where we were sitting, before the next section's sprinklers came up and drenched us, so we took off.  However, instead of going home, we decided the kids were having such a good time, that we would continue the adventures.  So we made our way to the grade school playground and let the kids loose.  Kimble spent twenty minutes going down the slide; he loved it.  Plus, after the wind picked up, his hair got pretty fluffed up. He was just so happy...and cute!

The Husband and I couldn't help stealing a few kisses...but more likely he was just humoring me!

The kids enjoyed the school park, which has three separate playgrounds, designed for different ages.  This sea saw was in the 'little kid' playground, so after this picture, we moved on to the bigger play area.

Keaton quickly demonstrated how well he can do pullups.

Kimble unsuccessfully tried to duplicate his brother's skills.

Then The Husband showed off a bit by doing his own pullups.

After that, everyone was all muscled out and we walked home, agreeing that we would have to have adventures like this more frequently.

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Colleen said...

I love these kind of family outings!