Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Spring Break Fun

After many days of putting my kids to work by Spring Cleaning our house/garage/car, I thought they could use a bit of fun.  So I loaded up the kids and after a few errands on my part, we stopped off at Little Caesar's Pizza, picked up two peperoni specials, and went to a park to play.

After they ate three pieces each, they took off to the playground.  It was a gorgeous summer day, and hardly any wind (incredible!).  Apparently Georgie had dressed for more burly temperatures.  Her sweater, plus hoodie, made her a bit overheated.  Good thing she had a tank top on underneath her sweater, so she could peel off the layers.

After a while at the park, we visited some friends for a while before coming back home in time to welcome The Husband home from work.  "What's for dinner?"  he asked.  Uh...I don't know!  In the end, we decided that night was the perfect time to use a gift certificate we had at a Mexican Restaurant.  We love Mexican food!  So we loaded up the kids again, and with The Husband accompanying us, we ate out (something we rarely do).

Kimble loved the chips and salsa.  It was a bit spicy, but he didn't seem to mind. He got mad at us when we pushed the salsa away.  In fact, the chips and salsa were pretty much the only thing he ate that night, as he refused everything else we put in front of him.  Later, he traded the salsa for ketchup, and kept on eating.

Kolby ordered a corn dog (Yes, at a Mexican restaurant.  Crazy kid.) and Keaton had a bean burrito.  Kamy was too old for a 'kids meal' and got a plate of three fish tacos with all the trimmings.  Her food came out on two plates, and although she shared some with Keaton, she really could have eaten it all herself.  She has been out eating me since she was five years old.  For such a thin young lady, she certainly packs away the food.

After dinner, as we were driving home, The Husband opened the windows.  The speed on the freeway, plus the wind through their hair, turned our kids into dogs who kept trying to hang their heads out the windows.

Who says we don't know how to have a good time! Ha!

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Colleen said...

Going out to eat is always a treat! I recognize that park, sure wish we could have played there with you!