Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Poor Mr. Kimble has had a few owies lately.  Last week, at my boot camp class, Kimble went exploring around the park we were at.  He ended up down a little ditch and wouldn't come back up when we called him.  So, I went to go get him, and as I was walking to him, I was encouraging him to come to me.  "Ow" was all he kept saying, and he wouldn't move towards me.  He just stood still.   Normally he comes to me, so I thought this was odd.

When I reached him, I scooped him up in my arms and he said "Ow!  Ow!".  I thought maybe there were some stickers or something that were poking his legs, through his socks.  I looked down, moved my arm, and that's when I felt (and saw) all the cactus needles that were sticking out of his pants.  Half his body was covered in pokies!  It's no wonder he didn't move at all, when I called him.  Moving hurt!  It was then that I looked down and saw cactus plants everywhere.  Ouch!

So I brought him up and stripped him of his clothes and his diaper. Then we could see that he had needles along his bum and thigh, where the diaper didn't cover, and where the needles went through his pants.  A friend found a lolipop for him to have, and I got to work pulling out the needles.  Unfortunately, the spindles were so thin and fragile that many of them broke off at the skin and I couldn't completely pull them out.

By this time, boot camp was over (even though I only participated in half of it) and so I went home with my friend EmilieAn so she could use her hot wax on Kimble, in hope that when we pulled up the strip, it would pull up the remaining needle portions.

I thought Kimble would cry, but he didn't make a peep.  He was just curious at what we were doing.  Although it didn't get all of the needles out (some were just broken off too deep in his skin), it helped a lot.  Even now, a week later, he still has some stubble parts where some needles remain, but he hasn't been bothered by it...just the occasional "ow" escapes his mouth.

Then, last night, Kimble and Keaton were enjoying time outside.  Keaton likes to put on his rollerblades, strap Kimble into his umbrella stroller, and push him around the block.  Normally this works out quite well. Kimble loves to be outside, and Keaton tells me "I love to be a responsible big brother!" and often volunteers to take Kimble around outside.

Well, as he was pushing Kimble, the stroller wheel hit a hole, which caused the stroller to stop short.  Unfortunately, Keaton and Kimble both still had momentum, and they toppled over.  Kimble's head went right to the pavement and got a pretty good hole/gash made.  Kimble also has bruises up and down his right arm.  Keaton wasn't hurt, but he felt pretty bad that it happened, and has made the conclusion that it probably isn't very smart to push Kimble in the stroller while wearing rollerblades.

We are continuously impressed at how Kimble bounces back from injuries. He is one tough kid.  I don't think he even cried for more than a few seconds, after his collision with the pavement. He just needed some quiet time, and The Backyardigans was just the thing to make him feel better again.


Jeff and Lori said...

Oh ow. Poor little Kimble. Grant's into everything right now as well. He thinks he can do so much more than he can, and has the bruises to prove it. Kimble looks so grown up!

Jen said...

Don't take this wrong: It's nice to see boys being boys! So sad they hurt, but so glad they're tough!

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

"OW" is right. I probably would have a huge bawl session if it were me (but you already knew that about me lol). I am glad he is ok. And can I just say that I am impressed with his super long eyelashes?! Keaton is a good big brother, lesson learned though.

Colleen said...

OW! Poor baby! It's the ow age. I remember when Ben was this age we wanted to get his 2-year-old pictures taken and had to wait 4 months after his 2nd birthday before we could get a shot of him without a bruise or scrape on his face. :)

Jude said...

Ow! Indeed. Poor Kimble - that's some big bump. And poor Keaton - he must be feeling really bad? Many years from now you'll all be sat round having a family dinner and Kimble will say to Keaton "remember when....." How do I know this? Because my little brother does it to me and my bigger brother.... :-D (We tried to electrocute him though - in my defence I was 6 and had no idea what we were about to do! LOL) Jude.x