Thursday, April 26, 2012

Planter Boxes

Last weekend The Husband and I took Kolbers to the hardware store, to get stuff to make our backyard planter boxes.  We planned for four boxes, and had fun getting all the lumber and hardware needed for the job.

After we started making them, we realized that maybe we didn't need for them to be quite so deep!   Maybe three boards deep was a bit overreaching, but oh well.  I guess we don't have to fill them all the way with dirt, and instead the plants can be sheltered a bit from the wind.

They are so big, that all five kids could play in them.
After we made the four boxes, we realized that our two trays of starter plants wasn't going to be  nearly enough plants to fill the boxes, so we made five more trays of seeds.  This next pictures shows how great the first two trays grew in just a week's time.  We are so excited for our garden!!  The kids watch the plants every day, to see which ones are growing. 


Jude said...

Great planters - and you grow children in them!! ;-)
Those plants have certainly grown in a couple of weeks. I always tried to stagger seed growing so that i had a succession of vegetables, so hopefully that's going to work out for you too? Love that Kolby is wearing his sunglasses inside the store.... guess he's at the age where he thinks he's such a Cool Dude? LOL
And thanks for the comment on my blog - I love reading your blog - you have such an easy to read style.

Colleen said...

Awesome! Good luck with the Colorado gardening, you may be sharing you success tips with me soon!